THIS is the Samsung Galaxy S10!

Samsung Galaxy S10 – First Look at the Leaked Prototypes!
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31 Replies to “THIS is the Samsung Galaxy S10!”

  1. Rigo Cornejo

    good it still has headphone jack, I can still listen my music on a good connection and without all the radio frequencies (RF) So close to my head, and cable is always more reliable than bluetooth.

  2. D Mugen

    An audio jack isn't convenience, it serves it's purpose and remains unbeaten by its wireless counterpart Bluetooth; who is actually the device of convenience.

  3. Chris

    Hi-fi headphones need a cable for high quality audio, I don't accept bluetooth and probably will never buy a phone without a headphone jack.

  4. Goinallin White

    I been a victim of getting Galaxies as soon as they launch… only to see the price get chopped in half in the next 2 months. Nooooooopppeee, not this time!!!????? I'm waiting till Black Friday for the S10+!!? You almost got me again Samsung!!

  5. Ainz Lee

    For the people saying that there is bluetooth now and that there is no need for the jack is pretty ignorant and must think they are superior to the human race. Do you think I wanna walk around with a fucking extra plug in piece that I will most likely have to buy and then if I wanna plug in my earphones plus charge it I’ll have to buy another dumb ass piece. And even if the pieces come with the phone why would I even want an extra piece? Also it’s proven facts that wired connection sounds better then wireless and doesn’t drain battery as fast. So I think having the aux port is very necessary considering not everyone can afford wireless headsets and not everyone has a Bluetooth car deck. We also don’t all want to buy extra dumb looking pieces

  6. Kong

    NO SAMSUNG does NOT need to remove the JACK.


    We will go to Chinese phones that provide the jack if they remove Jack.

    removing the jack is the worst thing they did to the smartphone industry
    after that was including the ugly notch and others followed them

  7. Decard Cain

    Yeahhh headphone jack !!! Well personaly i dunt agree with ya that at some point samsung have to drop the headphone jack because i had a bad experience with wireless earpiece or headphones as i experience audio lag hate it when watching movies or youtube…. 2nd yes there are cheap china bluetooth earpiece / headphones but as i say some might have audio lag… so for a decent wireless 1 you have to spend abit more $$$ 3rd and final problem with wireless 1 is its battery life well u still have to charge it what if u run low on battery on the headset ? Well just use a normal headphone… wait…. it has no headphone jack… and this effects the phone to bluetooth does consume a little bit more power……. disclaimer: this is my personal experience you might agree or disagree well i dunt care

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