Tipping Fast Food Employees iPhone 11's (EMOTIONAL)

I know how hard fast food employees work, so I wanted to surprise them with a new iPhone 11 as an early Christmas gift! It was super emotional!

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If you read this far down the description I love you

29 Replies to “Tipping Fast Food Employees iPhone 11's (EMOTIONAL)”

  1. Adam Putu Jose

    Today I Saw Many Tipping Video But I Think Not Tipping But Charity And Help Many People (Sorry If My English Bad) Such As Jessica Chilli Waitress, Arab Guy Gave Many Candy For People At Halloween Day, and ETC

  2. Bunny Sharma

    Hey bro done great great job right there giving hard working people new iphone.. Thats like best thing to do and see there reaction and make em happy.. They are literally hard working people.. Thanks u bro..
    N u said y I need an iPhone as of for giveaway.. I never had an iPhone after iPhone 4s . Coz I can't afford it. But as I am an iPhone lover like diehard lover of iPhone.. I am saving money for nee iPhone from last 11 months. Still need 1 more year so that i can buy one..
    Thanks bruh. Good deeds.

  3. Ajith R

    If you can give me a phone it will be more helpful for my online studies
    I'm from poor family from india
    8129494687 if you have kind please help me

  4. Stephanie Ocenar

    American people: giving away many iphone 11s..

    And I'm here, with my first phone senior High school student, and haven't even touch an iPhone yet, even the smallest model 🥴 deymm! I'm so broke 😭😭😂

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