Tips for using the RØDE smartLav on iOS and Android

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RØDE Product Specialist Ryan Burke takes you through a few best practices when using the RØDE smartLav lavalier microphone on either iOS or Android.

24 Replies to “Tips for using the RØDE smartLav on iOS and Android”

  1. DJ Training Academy

    Can you please suggest a good Android App for smart lav mics. I know anyone could work, but we tried some and the audio sounds really bad. Your IOS app recording is good but i am facing some memory space issues. So can u suggest me a good android app.

  2. DJ Training Academy

    I believe the phone used in the video is 5s which in real doesn't work with iPhone's in built voice memo app. We tried to do download rode rec app but it says not available for your region (India). But ya rode rec lt app is available and it records with lav+ but the rec quality is poor, I mean the vocal cuts in between. I tried rode rec lt on iPhone 5s and iPhone 7 same problem in the recordings. I also tried recording on OnePlus 6 with its native voice recorder but it doesn't record. Kindly help what should I do. Assist me with some other apps for iOS or Android. Looking forward

  3. Josef

    Hello, Thank you for your video, But can you make a phone call with this Microphone? Can the call happen together with another Bluetooth headset?

  4. Sven 45

    I bought a smartlav+ microphone to make sure i had quality audio on the videoclips i post on social media. Turns out its doesent work with a samsung galaxy S4 Active. When plugged in, it does not record audio when recording video with the built in camera app. But it works when recording audio from an audio recroding app. why is that??

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