Tips & Tricks Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Owners Should Learn Today

In this video, I will share Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus tips and tricks that you should learn now so as to enhance your ownership of your S9.

Both the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus are still two of the top smartphones and deserve special attention to expose as many features, tips and tricks as possible.

Let’s dive in.

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23 Replies to “Tips & Tricks Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Owners Should Learn Today”

  1. Matt Sidford

    Hats off, your videos are really useful for understanding the Sami software ?. Can you please provide us with the list of Samsung phones (midranges included) which will be getting One UI and Android P.

  2. Assane Mohamed

    Thank you for the video, it shows so much galaxy S are ahead of the competition, I buy a phone for features, look forward to the note 9, when it will be less than 600 € , I offer it to you thanks Sakitech ❤️

  3. John Smith

    Upgraded to S9 last month still playing with it just discovered the separate app sound feature I can play music on my Bluetooth without notifications sounds interrupting the music love that feature and the dual Bluetooth audio

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