Top 10 Best iPhone Tips & Tricks You've Never Used – iOS 10

Top 10 best iPhone 7 tips & tricks you’ve never used (iOS 10). These are pro tips, tricks and hidden features for advanced users that will help you get the most out of your iPhone 6S, 7, 7S. Did you know all of these tips and tricks?

Top 10 Best iPhone Tips & Tricks You’ve Never Used:
1. Guided Access
2. Force Touch with Keyboard
3. Japanese Text Emoji
4. Reduce Motion
5. Force Touch with Messages
6. Widgets
7. Save Fingerprint X2
8. Clear All Notifications
9. Prioritizing Downloads
10. Photo Markup

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29 Replies to “Top 10 Best iPhone Tips & Tricks You've Never Used – iOS 10”

  1. Latoyia Horvath

    thankq,, iPhone is an amazing technology with so many nice features to use. When travelling I love to fill up my phone with education videos and tutorials for study. For that I use "ZillaTube", google it, works great

  2. Cookie Plugged

    It's called 3D touch and not 'force touch' and also, most people actually know the 3D touch features that you've just showed and some of them were actually demonstrated by Apple in their keynote presentation

  3. Cookie Plugged

    Why would you even want to turn on reduce motion, I mean, every single person I've tried suggested to do that they also had the same opinion as me that it just makes the experience of using ios less fluid or less full of life, what I can say is that without the transitions and animations, it's just ugly (my opinion though)

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