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We rank the best free Android games released this year. These are highest-rated Android games on the Google PlayStore in 2019.

Complete list of FREE Android Games

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35 Replies to “Top 10 Free-to-Play Android Games of 2019 | Games of the Year | whatoplay”

  1. Azure Neko

    Speaking on Another Eden. The main characters except Riica at the moment are all free five stars with some grind. All of them are good in their own right if you are looking to be free to play. Not only that but almost everything in the game from quests to achievements give chronos stones (the gacha currency) where as you will be locked out of the paid curve summons they hold every so often if you have some patience and a little bit of luck you can easily get great units by just playing. Some of the best ive pulled with the free Chronos stones are Suzette AS, Nagi AS, and Muriel. (AS is Another Style and is simply a alternate look and final class for a character adjusting the way they can be played drastically in every case I have come across.). If anyone intrested in this game has more questions I can answer feel free to ask. I love this game and think it deserves a bigger player base.

  2. Alice Wonderland

    There’s a game I use to play but I forgot the name of it. It was a multiplayer mobile game with cartoon elves, archers, knights, and assassins. It was really fun and it was set up with like 4 levels (like you would just up and down on the screen to get to the levels). It was sorta medieval themed too. If someone can help me find the game that will be awesome!
    P.S. I played it around 2014-15 and it was on an Android device.

  3. GDN270

    I question how BTS is at number 3 I'm certain there's been some sort of fixing been done by the apps developer's and the band's management.

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