Top 10 Hidden Android Features & Tips

Learn the best secret Android Tips & Tricks not enabled by default!
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Android is the most popular smartphone operating system, but most people are not aware of all the features it is capable of. This video shows you 10 of the coolest features, tips, and tricks in Android that you probably didn’t know about. Everything from Android’s secret menus, to little-known settings deep within the phone. Even if you have an iPhone, you still might find this useful to get an idea of what Android is capable of.

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38 Replies to “Top 10 Hidden Android Features & Tips”

  1. Indrid Cold

    If your tablet has Facebook, it might as well have a virus. What I hate is the option uninstalling the Facebook bloatware is not given to us. I hate how Facebook regularly interrupts me to join their site. Facebook is worthless to someone like me. I know nobody. Nobody knows me. I just want the ability to remove bloatware.

  2. Tre'Shaun Thomas

    my phone is literally slow I literally just went to the developer options and it slow down and now everything on my phone is slow

    I'm reporting this video for phone harassment , and phone abuse

  3. Akbar Hussain

    Hi there,thank you for the cool hidden codes & tips for android phones,I like the notifications log,I often get rid of a notification accidentally,thanks to these tips,problem solved,thank you???..

  4. Jasmine H

    I tried the easter egg game and when i did it it had a different logo so i still did it. when it didnt show amything after tapping many times or really quickly, i held it down and it showed a squid with a head of the andriod guy

  5. DevilsFury

    ThioJoe Can U HelpMe to Download apps in my tabblet..i cant download any apps when i download apps in google play store or updates it say error code 504 and i can't download(apps) anything in google chrome its say installation block and when i go to setting no option to enable it or unblock i cant find Unknown Sources and when i turn off and turn on again or restart my tablet all i Download pic,video,files and music is deleted i dont know why ithink some of my options in setting is hide Please help…
    My Tablet Is Huawei Media Pad T3 Ver.6.1

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