Top 10 Most Useful Samsung Galaxy Watch Apps

Here are some of the best/most useful apps you can get for the Samsung Galaxy Watch! Most of these applications are also available for the Gear S3, Gear S2, and Gear Sport smartwatches.

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Apps in order of appearance:
0:09 white light
1:10 Camera Remote Circle by Leonid Tsarev
8:40 Find My Car
9:23 VR Controller
11:15 Smart Things
16:23 Uber
18:28 Workout Trainer
23:50 Timer
24:40 Here We Go
26:42 Spotify
34:26 Calculator

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37 Replies to “Top 10 Most Useful Samsung Galaxy Watch Apps”

  1. Xander Vampire

    I don't get why people like that camera app so much. You still need to hold your phone to take the picture or try to balance it somewhere then back off. I mean, what's the point? All it's doing is adding an unnecessary step to the process of picture taking. If you're taking a picture on your phone, just push the capture button on the phone. The photo is going to be the exact same either way. The galaxy gear 1 and 2 were much better. They had cameras built into the watch which, unlike this, were actually useful. I have no idea why they stopped putting cameras on their watches. Maybe they just wanted to cut costs and added in the app to take pics through your phone just to try and avoid the backlash they deserved.

  2. JR JR

    Do you have a link on how to set up the samsung smart thing? I have control for all of my light and plug throughout my house. Do you have a link on how to set up on galaxy watch?

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