Top 10 Reasons Android is Better Than iOS – Gear Up^

Top 10 Reasons Android is Better Than iOS – Gear Up^
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With all of Apple’s high profile announcements about their many different iPhones, it can be easy to forget that Android is actually the better operating system. Allowing for more customization, more apps, and removable storage, there’s no doubting that Android has got Apple’s OS beat. WatchMojo teams up with tech-spert Marc Saltzman to list you 10 ways that Android is better than iOS.

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#10. Customization
#9. Google Assistant
#8. More apps
#7. You can download where you want.
#6. Reason why Android is better than iOS? No iTunes.
#5. Multitasking
#4. Removable storage
#3,#2, & #1???

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40 Replies to “Top 10 Reasons Android is Better Than iOS – Gear Up^”

  1. Future Gohan

    IOS: drops on ground; oh, ok its fine. Throws on couch shatters
    Android: drops off a cliff a crack on the screen. The only thing that we need is to be waterproof

  2. devilish2345

    So of there are any fellow sound snobs on here like myself, then i have a very affordable suggestion, the ZTE axon 7 or 7 mini, the mini is actually louder, none the less,it being of the first phones to have Dolby Atmos sound, its the best sounding smartphone to date and essentially no rivals i was blown away just WOW! The one thing i love doing is playing music over the kids that crank there phone assuming other people want to hear thier shitty song, and i keep in the standard sound for a good 10 seconds and they look at me like, big deal ? Then i hit the the dolby button and good by other phones music! Lol it pumps some serious sound no tinny sound clear clean and crisp and built in eq customisation, you can not go wrong! For 118 amazon renewed this phone litterally has features that still are not seen on the latest "flagship" phones, i seriously doubt you will regret the purchase if only for a music driver it will be money well spent ?

  3. Joey Reijnen

    Stop stop maybe some things are true but not all, like multitasking okayy iphone has no multitasking but ipad has multitasking. And yeah play store has more apps but thats because play store has more crap apps. I can talk hours about this. Most android people think apple is just shit but that’s not true

  4. Conor Dineley

    Downloaded soo many games on my 6 s and my Samsung tablet couldn’t even download like ros ( just some rip off of pubg I’m a gamer) but android basically has no storage space on it


    My friend bought an iphone xs max i told him that galaxy s10 is much better and he said i know it 100× better but i bought it because of the apple logo
    Im not joking

  6. Bailey Crawly

    You can’t use the “apple wont let you remove some apps” option when android literally comes with multiple apps that do the same thing and can’t be deleted.

  7. DuSTin JaKubs

    * you can use chrome on iOS I do it over safari

    * you can use google maps on Apple car play.

    * you can have live wallpaper on iOS

    * Siri does suck and needs to be updated but you can use google assistant on iPhone as well tho just have to download it.

    * micro SD storage has nothing to do with android itself. There is expandable options via iXpand and some others however get a decent size capacity and you don’t have that problem same with flagship androids.

    *removable battery ? yeah maybe on a 20$ Obama Android all decent flagship androids have non removable batteries. As well as most android tablets.

  8. Paul K

    iOS for my cell phone android for my TV Streaming experience. I have tried Android for my cell phones over the years but find the PlayStore apps a little less polished then the AppStore apps. And at the end of the day its not about the phone its about the apps. Phone is a phone is a phone really.

    I struggle with the argument that Android is more customizable. I appreciate that on my TV box but on my cell phone? I want consistency. I want todays phone to work like tomorrows phone. I have switched between android phone manufacturers in the past and the experience is not intuative from one phone to the other. My iOS experience is consistent and only changes incramentally over the years.

    I generally don't comment. I generally dont like the Android iOS debate. Its rather pointless to debate someones perferances. Its their preferance and does not reflect their intelligence, does not define social status. It is sad that people are unable to respect another individulas choice and are bent on sending insults their way.

    Thanks for listneing. Please do not lash out at me for my comment. Just felt like sharing

  9. lσνєlу ѕтαяѕ

    I've only owned an android because of the ios popularity and because people like to be trendy and cool and think that Apple is better but really android is smarter for people based on price and how well it works.

  10. Gaurav Mishra

    Android : An operating system from a company that has the worst customer support,worst after sale service,worst application experience used by such manufacturers who sells washing machines,refrigrators,ac,fans.

    Android belongs to those who doesn't care about their phone when it stop getting software support from their provider:Google As if they're happy installing emulators and customizing the phone believing they're using latest even though Google have abondoned them.
    Iphone 5s is still compatible with ios12, whereas Samsung Galaxy S4 runs Android ver5.Try selling an old android phone and sell an iphone,you'll see the differences in their reselling value.
    My office peon sold an old iphone 6s in 13000INR almost half the price he bought back then.

    Well if you dont have an iphone,well you dont have an iphone.

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