Top 12 iOS 12 Features! What's New Review

Top 12 iOS 12 Features! BEST Changes & Hidden Features. Grouped Notifications, All New Apps, iPad Gestures Revamp, Animojis Review.

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43 Replies to “Top 12 iOS 12 Features! What's New Review”

  1. Emthesage EMM

    it's amazing the speed apple got from older phones very amazing such a great work , this is what improvements should file like not like android that is making it slower and slower every update I literally have a dead slow Asus tablet because of the updates.

  2. Yeeh

    Umm my Iphone 7 has become off center since i downloaded this. For example, the thing that pops up when you try to delete a app that says cancel or delete, that thing is now off center and is for some reason on the bottom right of the screen. Is there a way to fix this???

  3. Crystal

    Im still waiting for the clit or clitoris scanner to come out till i buy one of these phones.
    It will probably come out 2019. Till then i have to manage face id

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