Top 15 NEW Android Games of January 2019 | whatoplay

– Latest #Android games releases.

Ranking all the newly-released Android games that you can play on your smartphone and tablet now available on the Google Play Store.

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40 Replies to “Top 15 NEW Android Games of January 2019 | whatoplay”

  1. S.S.D.D Caddy

    Almost all the game shown in this video are trash end the reason is that those videos are not honest most of the game here sponsored the chanel to be fetured in this video

  2. Joseph Hall

    tacticool should be higher on the playscore imo, i love that game, its kinda pay to win feeling, but the gameplay is SOLID! love your videos! they are the best!

  3. kenn pisces

    pacute naman masyado, honestly if it weren't for the channel and the game it self, i wouldn't watch this. sorry, just an honest review. PS: just pls be natural

  4. Kamo

    One piece: Bounty Rush, Revolve8 those would've been nice but I guess it's too early to give them a definitive score due to thier recent releases

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