Top 15 Unknown Samsung Galaxy Watch Features!

Here are the top 15 unknown Samsung Galaxy Watch features! Many of these features also apply to the Gear S3 and Gear Sport smart watches, and a few also apply to the Gear S2.

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32 Replies to “Top 15 Unknown Samsung Galaxy Watch Features!”

  1. Zawaprz

    They did change their software so does not seem the phone is able (non LTE version at least I've got from Costco) to connect to WiFi (wifi enabling) while can't reach blue tooth signal from phone… bumper!!… so no more calling/receiving phone calls without Bluetooth connection.

  2. Edwin Jagger

    Great review, very handy tips, thanks for posting this. Clicked subscribe. I noticed you have Smartthings on your watch. I've tried to locate that in the Galaxy store apps, but it doesn't show up in my search. Did you have to find it through a third party download? Or perhaps it's only available in the U.S right now?

  3. Kenneth Khoo

    thanks very much for all those tip. i really like that watch face on 0.10" can you tell me what's that one called and where to get it? thanks very much.

  4. Wise Guy

    Great video…I will be watching this again with my wife?
    off subject have u used other watch bands if so where did u get them from Thanks in Advance

  5. Jay Thompson

    So just go to your settings and see what you are able to do like most people do when they get a phone or electronic device. Thank you and I'm not being sarcastic at all.

  6. Fonzj Pachecs

    Does your watch have to be connected all the time to your phone or near it to get your calls or messages? Or can you leave your phone at a home and still work?

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