Top 20 Best Android Apps 2019

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▣ AmoledWalls (FREE/$1.99)

▣ WallHub (FREE/$1.99)

▣ MNML Screen Recorder (FREE)

▣ Lawnchair 2 (FREE)

▣ Hyperion Launcher (FREE)

▣ Fluid Navigation Gestures (FREE)

▣ PlayJ (FREE)

▣ Reachability Cursor (FREE)

▣ Bottom Quick Settings (FREE)

▣ Otter Voice Notes (FREE)

▣ Just A Line (FREE)

▣ Iconzy

▣ One + Gestures ($1.49)

▣ Spot Alarm Clock for YouTube (FREE)

▣ SpotOn – Sleep & Wake Timer for Spotify (FREE)

▣ 1lyrics (FREE)

▣ Bridge – Mirror Notifications (FREE)

▣ Assistant Shortcuts (FREE)

▣ Edge Screen S9 (FREE)

▣ Nacho Notch (FREE)

▣ Sip News (FREE)

▣ Thrive Away (FREE)

▣ Empty Folder Cleaner (FREE)

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28 Replies to “Top 20 Best Android Apps 2019”

  1. Norman Smith

    Be careful of the empty folder removal app. I have had bad experiences with empty folders I wanted to keep or that the app expects to find, empty or not.

    Does this app detect hidden files and not remove the folders that contain them? There is some new way of hiding folders and files that does not envolve prefixing them with a dot. Certain system files are hidden this way. I wonder though if it will clean up /data/data which is a user unaccessible place where apps store data.

    I've had some apps go bad so that they weren't fully installed. I could not finish the uninstall or reinstall over them. The only fix I know is to back everything up I can and do a factory reset. I would love to find something less radical.

  2. Bern92

    some amazing apps listed, thank you, subscribed! i watched on the pc and installed the ones i liked remotely through the browser, awesome!! (ex iphone user)

  3. Wa Spir

    I watched top apps from 2017 and said it was outdated. Right after that I find this. And his face is updated with beard? Anyway he forgot to mention LyricsNote.

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