Top 30 Most-Googled iPhone Tips & How-To's

We scoured Google for the most-searched iPhone How-to’s and tips and crammed them into the shortest video possible. You think you know everything about your iPhone? Think again!

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#1: Mute group text notifications
#2: Leave group text
#3: Block a number
#4: Quickly create a new contact
#5: Quickly mute alarm or call ringer
#6: Create a custom voicemail greeting
#7: View all photos & attachments sent through Messages
#8: Send your current location to a friend
#9: Share your location for long periods of time
#10: Instantly go back to the top of any app or page
#11: Delete apps
#12: Move multiple apps on your home screen
#13: Delete Albums in the Photos app
#14: Stop WiFi from auto-connecting to slow networks
#15: Delete an email account from the Mail app
#16: Add an email account to the Mail app
#17: Factory reset your iPhone
#18: Disable auto-brightness
#19: Turn on Reachability mode
#20: Restart or hard reset your iPhone
#21: Cancel paid app subscription
#22: Undo and redo typing
#23: Search for a specific text message
#24: Instantly share forgotten WiFi password
#25: Quickly select multiple photos at once
#26: Share photos & videos using Airdrop
#27: Quickly share a contact
#28: Look up forgotten passwords in iCloud Keychain
#29: Record audio on iPhone
#30: Record your iPhone’s screen

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30 Replies to “Top 30 Most-Googled iPhone Tips & How-To's”

  1. Courtney Moore

    This is hands down the best video on tips! I knew most but things like sharing wifi or selecting photos by dragging your fingers/thumbs had me mouth dropped shocked!

    Thank you guys!

  2. EnforcerMan

    Rock solid video. I know the hustle you put behind the scene to make this video. Nice job. I'm trying to learn to make my videos better on my channel.

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