TOP 40 Funniest iPhone X Memes & Tweets !!

Official “TOP 40 Funniest iPhone X Memes & Tweets” video by Alonzo Lerone.
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21 Replies to “TOP 40 Funniest iPhone X Memes & Tweets !!”

  1. Jacob Powers

    Yea I have polycystic kidney disease and I would love to get a kidney. I'm 27 and have over 30 cysts on my kidneys. Sell a kidney bro. Save a life and get rich saving a life.

  2. Phsyco Supreme

    People actually can’t do it when you are sleeping because the main part of the face that the recognition uses is the eyes. And if they are closed it won’t work. Unless you go into settings and change it so you don’t need your eyes open

  3. jigglycheescake _21

    My 45% battery lasts 2 days
    And cheaper than Iphone 4

    Ps. Buy android they're better, my brother's phone fell from the 6th floor to the ground floor of mall and just have a little crack

  4. Justin neill

    Idk but windows 9 was skipped because devs used windows 9 in coding for windows 95 and 98 so if they would have released windows 9 all the windows 95 and 98 drivers and programs would have caused problems

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