Top 5 Android O Features!

Android O is on its way. This is a preview of the next version of Android!

Google Pixel Review:

Video Gear I use:

Intro Track: Turn Around by 20syl


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  1. i can't

    Android A= Alpha
    Android B= Beta
    Android C= Cupcake
    Android D= Donut
    Android E= Eclair
    Android F= Froyo
    Android G= Gingerbread
    Android H= Honeycomb
    Android I= Ice cream sandwich
    Android J= Jellybean
    Android K= KitKat
    Android L= Lollipop
    Android M= Marshmallow
    Android N= Nougat
    Android O= Oreo
    Android P= Pie
    Android Q= (soon)
    (Just in case if you didn't know, I will edit if the name of the next version comes out)

  2. Abhilash Ravichandran

    Sir please help me I'm just stuck with Oreo the problem is when im listening to songs and txting in WhatsApp and change the songs and automatically suddenly the Google music app appears and it shows what song tht I changed I want to stop this feature but I don't how to can anyone help?me

  3. Carl Geofri

    Nice video though. Nice and clear voice i can understand what you're explaining about the Android Oreo other than feature video i can't easily understand what they're saying.

  4. Rock Faulkner

    Hello marq ! 

    I'm feeling so bad because I'm recently updated Oreo 8.0 in mi a1.

    My battery backup is bad compared to naught .????????????????????????????????????????.

    My battery backup is too good when I'm using naught ?? 

    Plz help me??????????????????????

    What I do ???

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