Top 5 Apple Watch 4 Tips

So you have this awesome Apple Watch 4, but you’re not sure how to use it. In this video I share 5 useful Apple Watch 4 tips.

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26 Replies to “Top 5 Apple Watch 4 Tips”

  1. Mikkel Christensen

    Oh man, i have deactivated the lift to use Siri because it activated on me so often at times when i did not want it activate also generally I feel Siri is not really that much help..

  2. Sinisa Kalicanec

    Hello what the problem is when i say Siri to send iMessage she says ok i send but the message is next 20 seconds stop,does not go immediately What is the problem.Tnx

  3. blackbushido1

    EXTREMELY INFORMATIVE!!! Great video. I’m in the processes of getting the series 4 and wondered if it still has the “disconnect red battery” at the top of the watch letting you know it wasn’t connected, does the series 4 have that same icon, when not connected?? Thank you for your timely response

  4. Brandon B

    I’m sitting watching this at 1:20am (been meaning to watch it for a long time) and out of the blue my HomePod speaks to me, just after you had said you set off all your devices – you also set mine off haha! I didn’t even think of it getting set off so I was a little surprised hahaha???

  5. Oleksandr Berezniak

    So what I found out for myself is the way getting the fastest access to all those apps you are using most. For example you've been using 16 apps. So Just make two the same "Infograph" dashboards and chose 8 different apps per one dashboard. This way make you have access to the most loved ones even faster and more convenient way instead of using apps list or even Dock feature just swiping right-lift your dashboard.

  6. Lukas T

    Phenomenal vid!
    The Apple Watch is about having info right there when you need it – you definitely have to learn the gestures intuitively and it will actually be useful throughout the day.
    I know so many ppl who just don't have gestures and functions down pat and then stop using it immediately cause "it can't do anything".
    Thanks for these tips!! Didn't know the first one, even though it's so good.

    Also, Infograph is great – definitely NOT too much info. People just need to memorize those 8 "complications" and what they are….god damnit.

  7. wayne moran

    Connecting to a local WiFi, does that work with all the series or just the 4? Ive got a series 2 and when I push the WiFi to join the watch quickly cycles thru a couple of messages and doesn’t connect. The messages cycle so fast I can’t read them.

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