Top 5 Best Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Clear Cases

Find these fantastic clear cases here:

In today’s video we’ll be showing off 5 of the best Samsung S9 Plus Clear Cases that money can buy! With sleek, slim constructions and a clear window to your amazing new iPhone, these cases from the likes of OtterBox, Spigen, Olixar and Ghostek are sure to deliver the exceptional style and protection you’re looking for.

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36 Replies to “Top 5 Best Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Clear Cases”

  1. Catedisantis

    If your clear cover turns yellow, it can be turned back to clear using 30 volume peroxide from the local beauty supply store. The kind used to develop hair dye. Just mix an oz or so in with something, like baking soda, to hold it in place, brush it on to the case on all surfaces, wrap in plastic film, and place in a sunny spot for 2 hours. Works perfectly!

  2. Dwayne Boone

    You keep showing us the back of the phone. The only time we get to see the front is when you place it on the charger. Video to fast and not graphic enough!

  3. Silvia Valente

    Todo muy lindo, pero si fabrican celulares todo pantalla fabriquen al mismo tiempo fundas protectoras lindas y delgadas. Gasten un poco mas la mente en las fundas, porque inventan cosas que cuando se las pones al celular se transforma en una tablet de lo ancha que son. Y las que le quedan perfectas son las que, obviamente, no te protegen nada. MEDIA PILA CON LAS FUNDAS!!!!!!!!!!!!! -.-

  4. Souli

    I want to buy the "Whitestone Dome Glass Samsung Galaxy S9 Full Cover Screen Protector" on your website but will it fit together with the spiegen clear case, or any thin fit clear case for that matter?

  5. Mona Bey

    can i put samsung s9+ in smart cover you know the one in which i can check time weather and stuff after i put spigen clear case on or does it become too thick??

  6. Hin5525

    Thank you so much, have been waiting for the clear cases for a while!! btw, what do you think about the Spigen rugged crystal? I still haven't decided to have this or the ultra hybrid, I have seen some reviews said the ultra hybrid does scratch the side of the phone when removing the case so I'm not too sure.

  7. tea_and_thorazine

    please bear in mind that clear tpu will typically turn a pee-yellow colour as it's exposed to uv from the sun. this occurred with my last spigen ultra-hybrid case throughout the soft bumper layer (polycarbonate remains clear). some folk like to purchase a case with a tint on the squishy bits to prevent/disguise this.

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