Top 5 New Galaxy Note 8 Features

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The Galaxy Note 8 is here, and there’s definitely a lot to like about it. But what are the new features that stand out? Here are our top five features of the Galaxy Note 8!

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 hands on:

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42 Replies to “Top 5 New Galaxy Note 8 Features”

  1. Angle In Heaven

    The phone is OK, I have it and I thought it would be really good but I'm very disappointed. I don't know what I was thinking when I got this phone but I'm really not impressed. I might just look into another phone to get because this is not what I was looking to get and I'm not pressed.

  2. Mike V8

    So called app pairing have been availiable on Note 4 but later removed from Note 5. This isn't a new feature, more like a reintroduction.

  3. Asad Mayo

    I have the problem on note 8 screen when using s pen. When i hover over spen on the area near earpiece it flicks and moves to location other than that. You can observe it too. Its problem of all the note 8

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