Top 50 actually useful Siri commands in 5 minutes

Apple’s Siri understands a laundry list of commands and queries, from turning on HomeKit-connected lights to translating words into foreign languages. Here are 50 of the most useful.

31 Replies to “Top 50 actually useful Siri commands in 5 minutes”

  1. raceface_m

    She’s actually become very useful. I wish she can wake you like Bixby where she plays a chill alarm and tells you the weather and does a news briefing.

  2. riley busse

    I know how many people rip on Siri because people say that she sucks well if you compare her to S Voice she is way better I know it was a video about weather which assistant is smarter than the other one that I just watched by someone else but in general if you think about it she's not really all that dumb if you compare it to S Voice from the Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S7 Siri is smarter than S Voice on the S6 and S7 I'm glad I have her on my iPhone x and I'm glad I don't have my Galaxy S6 anymore with S Voice she's so stupid

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