Top 9 Features of the Samsung Galaxy S9!

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44 Replies to “Top 9 Features of the Samsung Galaxy S9!”

  1. D H

    After having had an iPhone for several years (since the 4 and have upgraded every year since) I am boycotting them and am trading my iPhone in for an S9. I've used Samsung since the first up to the S2 which was my favourite phone. I can't sit idly by and let Apple continuously ruin the right-to-repair and do nothing.

    "Screw you Apple." – Previous loyal Apple customer

  2. Roger Wittekind

    Unreal. I wish I knew why so many phone reviewers shit on the Dolby feature in the S9 and S9+.
    I mean of all the S9 and S9+ videos I've seen nobody has made an effort to show off the Dolby so I might have to do that myself.

  3. mrk107

    Soldier are you still with us? today I saw online about a black guy getting shot by police and the photo looked a lot like you. hope your OK

  4. Jessica E

    My Samsung phone has cool features… but the camera is badly installed. It's not an options problem, but a manufacturing problem. Have they fixed that? We had TWO Samsung phones that the camera did not stay seated on, so every time you turn on the camera app it makes the whole phone shudder and blur for a minute or two. Secondly, the audio jacks are unprotected, so dirt gets inside and then the phone constantly thinks headphones are plugged in, so you get no sound. What good are awesome features if the very basic mechanics of the phone are garbage?

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