Top Tips to Make Learning Android Development Easier

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Read more: | Adam shares the best tips for learning Android development. From taking your first steps to optimizing your workflow, knowing a good shortcut when you see it, building good habits and reverse engineering the work of others, dev life doesn’t have to be difficult.

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38 Replies to “Top Tips to Make Learning Android Development Easier”

  1. Fahad Tariq

    I don't recommend android development anymore. They just suspend publisher accounts without any reason, their bots are shit. And your revenue becomes to zero, you can never register a new account if once you got suspended. So for lifetime choice, this is not a good option to develop for android until and unless other marketplace jumps in like amazon etc.

  2. Nate W

    Great video, I'm still a beginner but this advice is perfect I have been working on a project for around 4 months and have crossed many hurdles one of the important things that he has said is reverse engineering! I've had a few problems I couldnt figure out even with google but after looking at open source projects you can see how they solved a similar problem having these tools available is unbelievable valuable.

  3. Pemba Tamang

    hey man I saw your video on Bruce lee's philosophy..flow and crash i watch it almost everyday..I want to know as odd as it may sound..has master lee influenced you here.?? haha I also need help understanding background services..make a downloading service tutorial if you get the time…

  4. kostashow

    I started the all java/android thing 10 times. Total failure! Too much writing for very simple things. The hello world program in java is like 7 lines or so. 2 or 3 lines with visual C. Programming is not for me unfotunatelly!!!

  5. Kevin Delaney

    PLEASE KEEP DOING THESE VIDEOS! I am just getting involved in Android Development and you convinced me to commit to Kotlin as the new language I start learning for Android. I have messed around with rooting and flashing varies of my android phones over the years and changing a bunch of setting and made A LOT of mistakes, especially in the regard to stability! 🙂 Now I have a deeper understanding of the Linux kernel thanks to Gary and tinkering with an RPi3 and now I am looking to really learn Android development, first App then Rom. Thank you, I am just getting started and these videos are unbelievably useful. Please do as many Kotlin and App development videos as you can because I am SO SICK of reading and then the guide being for an older version of Android Studio and I am just sitting here like "Wtf? Is this part relevant anymore?? Is it easier?" It is so frustrating so incredibly incompetent and not knowing what I am doing wrong. Videos like this save so much time! Thank you!

  6. Carlos Rosero

    I would have liked for you to stress more on learning Kotlin (given that it is the future and a much modern/cleaner version of Java) but overall a good video, especially the part of actually making a project and not just reading a book from cover to cover! Made that mistake too many times xD

  7. kablai d

    Thank for tips and when did start programming language. Please say to us and my request to know about u and can also help me to learn programming language

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