Transform Your Galaxy Note 9 into a full blown PC via Samsung DEX

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has a built-in Samsung DEX function which transforms your Note 9 into a full-blown PC. In this video, I will use a Note 9 to demonstrate the Samsung DEX feature completely.

Let’s dive in and discover in depth.

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43 Replies to “Transform Your Galaxy Note 9 into a full blown PC via Samsung DEX”

  1. ibrahim halil

    Hi sakitech. Great Video by the way. Really digging the samsung dex.
    Now, I have a laptop that has a type c port which supports thunderbolt 3. As you know, the thunderbolt 3 port can serve the function of an hdmi adapter. So, can I use a usb type c to type c cable which supports thunderbolt, to get the samsung dex up and running. Thanks in advance

  2. Marc W

    The samsung won't take priorty if the monitor is connected to a computer… in other words the monitor can NOT also be connected to a computer right? Least that's what it seems because I get nothing when I plug USB Type-C-to-HDMI into the phone and monitor I get nothing 🙂

  3. B H

    I wish I could still use my phone when connected as DeX. I miss the magnifier, flash light, handheld calculator, camera, basically the fiddling device.

  4. Gafoor Dilmohamed

    I have one question, I could not find the threaded like cable usb type c to hdmi. does it make any different to get a cheap one on ebay? would the connectivity and data transfer be slower in any case? thank you, also is it possible to connect via Bluetooth to a Projector? thank you.

  5. Joseph Rosel

    What i want to see on dex is printing your microsoft office jobs like word or excel spreadsheet, also moving pictures from your phone to a an external hard disk

  6. Ty Beck

    I have lg TV with no wifi. Just download screen mirroring app. It works great and no cable. If you want to play games or watch videos this is great and for free.

  7. Tony Olibas

    I don't know if either of these questions have been asked but, can you plug a wired keyboard and a Bluetooth mouse with the USB Bluetooth receiver into the monitor? How do you or can you make and answer phone calls while in DEX mode?

  8. evlnxr

    Do you know how to reset to get the screen size arrows again? Got them 1st time then had issues getting mouse to work, now cant find a way to bring that screen up again. Have an old 50" Plasma and most of the edge of the desktop is not visible.

  9. joey gal

    I like ur informative well narrated videos. now, i have been very curious to know what kind of note9 U have since the shape of the Spen slot on YOUR note9 (as seen at 1:45 of the video) is very different than every other note 9 i've seen a clarification would be very much appreciated?

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