Trying iOS 12 Features + Memoji!

Apple announced iOS 12 at WWDC 2018! Watch me trying out the best iOS 12 features!

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45 Replies to “Trying iOS 12 Features + Memoji!”

  1. N L

    How you get the one notification to show in one and can I record several messages on my emoji? I did two recordings with my emojis and I only deleted one. How can I find the other one

  2. taxisteve929

    Very cool stuff!! Thanks for posting. Your emoji has the part on the right and yours is on the left!! I'm a dinosaur, but love this high tech stuff….but I still think kids need erector sets and things that make them build from scratch. Just as those who program should at least get some experience in older languages where they didn't have the power of all of these macros that execute many instructions….they should realize that, at least for now, computers are simply SPEED and STORAGE, but the logic behind everything is still byte by byte movement. INCREDIBLE SPEED!!! It almost looks like magic compared to when I was a programmer in the 70s. I never saw a screen until the 80s and never a monochrome screen when I was still in the business. Awesome stuff!! I'm not recommending that people all learn the most basic languages, like machine language or even higher languages like Assembler then Cobol, CICS etc….just the logic that goes into what is being performed by a single instruction now. I think people would be amazed at just how many things happen when they simply touch a key or part of their screen…and then move their fingers even before they ask the phone/computer to do anything!!! It must retain all the past actions while accepting new actions to build up for the finale…..whether a google search or typing a letter. I'm in awe of technology now, but god forbid we have something natural or otherwise occur that knocks out our power grids and we must live like it is 1820 instead of 2020. Young people have the advantage of a stronger body, but would be lost without electricity, whereas the very old would know exactly what to do, but their bodies wouldn't be able to do it!! lol…..maybe it would be good and bring the world together again. Thanks for the video!!!! I really enjoyed it!!!

  3. Ginazazz

    I don’t see the point of the content restrictions. If a parent is that concerned about what their kids do on their phones they shouldn’t have a phone that costs over 1,000 dollars. Just my opinion

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