[Tutorial] Transfer WhatsApp messages & backup to Huawei Cloud!

Here’s how you can transfer your WhatsApp chat history from your old Android phone to your new #Huawei or #HONOR smartphone.
And we also show you how to use the Huawei Cloud to backup your
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Note: If you already have WhatsApp installed and set up on your Huawei/Honor smartphone, then delete it first before following this tutorial.

0:00 Intro
0:48 How to transfer from GMS to HMS
4:10 How to backup to Huawei Cloud

Quick written version here:

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47 Replies to “[Tutorial] Transfer WhatsApp messages & backup to Huawei Cloud!”

  1. uzma irfan

    I have copied the backup file in the internal storage of my new huawei phone. But after reinstalling whaspp on new phone it show backup option but doesnot back up when i click it?

  2. Sasi Chen

    Is this suitable for huawei mate 40 pro ? I tried as per your step but after I verify mate40pro and the buisness whatsapp dont have the 3:40 for me to restore . Anyone could help ?

  3. Jacob J

    Thanks a lot bro… While doing what you said here, I discovered that I can also enjoy the App Twin for my WhatsApp just like my previous Android Phone. Thnak you so much and keep putting up helpful videos!

  4. Zairul Azli

    Awesome bro, works like magic. Thanks!!
    For those who fail to do so, REMEMBER to give permission to Storage first before launching the app. I did that mistake too at first. Good luck.

  5. Rosmanita Tamlan

    Hi I have question. I back up chat from xiaomi to Huawei but can't. I start using Huawei 25/11 after back up,the chat only from 18/9 .how to get the latest chat from old phone?

  6. MeOwW MaNii

    Thank you so much for this video. You really saved my life. Could you also let us know how to screen mirror using huawei p40 pro. It's impossible to do so i tried using every app but it just doesn't happen.

  7. Yousef Alaa

    I did all the steps thank you very much it worked like a charm but I have a question does the back up cloud storage limited (meaning it can only back up a certain amount) or unlimited (it can back all the messages on whatsapp no matter how much I receive)
    Basically does it back up like google drive?

  8. Layla Ahmad

    Hi, I've followed your instructions, but there's no option "restore back up" I've been copied the media, databases into inertnal storage of my new phone,but still I can't restore thechat to the new phone since no option "restore back up". Could you please help me? Thanks in advance

  9. roychanmk

    Hi KK, nice video !!
    For the Huawei cloud is it need to pay or FOC?
    what is the size for the Huawei cloud? will it be any expire usage date or renew require?

  10. aida Azami

    Hi.. am accidentally installed new whatsapp in new huawei nova 7se using phone clone. then in my old phone samsung J6 whatsapp now disable, how can i get back my previous whatsapp chat?

  11. A _S.

    This doesn't work at all for me. When I complete the important step and then click restore, it restores nothing despite there being 4.3GB worth of WhatsApp storage and it even says that in the app

  12. Al-Aymann Jo

    hi, i installed whatsapp on my new phone then later i follow the steps in your video. Will it appear the 'restore' button when i complete follow the steps in your video?

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