Twitter app | iOS vs Android

Same developer, different apps. Lets compare!


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29 Replies to “Twitter app | iOS vs Android”

  1. Javier Teo

    I'm here because Twitter is especially biased towards Apple, probably because of their past partnerships. Anyway, iOS was made to be more elegant and compartmentalised for app developers, years ago.

  2. Bobby

    I have a question. I’m in the process of switching from an iPhone to a Samsung Galaxy Note 8. When I download Twitter for Android on my new phone, will it still have my data from Twitter for iPhone. Likes, Twitter users who I have push notifications set for, mentions, etc. Will Twitter for Android have my data saved?

  3. KL Nguyen

    The Twitter app for Android is like a joke.
    Because of the "onscreen softkeys", navigation tab bar on some of Android apps (Twitter, Facebook,…) are moved to the top, caused difficulty in one-hand navigation. For phones with ''offscreen softkeys'', this UI turns more ridiculous, because there's nothing on the bottom, like the phone in this video.
    Of course there has swiping function, too, yet people with small thumb like me can't able to use that. Inconsistent UI design.
    This video is truly my opinion.

  4. RocketMan

    Okay the reason why android loads faster is cause it loads only 1 page of the app when you go to your profile it has 2 load on android but on iPhone everything is loaded.

  5. K

    I really wish they make the layout for twitter on android the same as for ios. The ios layout seems so much better

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