ULTIMATE SHOWDOWN — Android Auto vs. Apple CarPlay 2018 Comparison

Here is the most IN-DEPTH Android Auto vs Apple CarPlay comparison video on YouTube! We will be performing a variety of tests (and awarding points) for VOICE COMMANDS, navigation, music and phone commands as well as time them to see which is fastest! Both our devices are running the latest software versions: iOS 11.4 and Android 8.0 Oreo. Drew (Android man) is rocking the OnePlus 5t and Mason (Apple man) has the iPhone 6s. So come along for the ride as we see which tech company has the BEST CAR INFOTAINMENT!

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Video Contents:
Apple CarPlay: 0:35
Android Auto: 2:40
Voice Commands: 4:52

Intro Music:
“Coupe” by The Grand Affair is free for use on YouTube for any purpose.

Ending Music:
“Ex Boxer” by Riot is free for use on YouTube for any purpose.

Other Music:
Ice Flow by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

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46 Replies to “ULTIMATE SHOWDOWN — Android Auto vs. Apple CarPlay 2018 Comparison”

  1. gfdfda fdaaf

    how is 3 seconds difference on a text message a point? that makes no difference, but at the end you can count that as a significant advantage. Apple Car Play clearly sucks … won't support periphery programs outside of Apple, just overpriced useless junk like the rest of the Apple family. all or nothing with Apple and you get more out of 'nothing'

  2. little bitty

    I am an older lady. That is trying to keep up with the times as much as my $ allows me. I have a older car but still looking for one of these systems when I started seeing systems for Android this and apple that I was thinking maybe have to change my phone to apple not liking that idea much as I have always only had Android. Thank you for the video it helped me to see no point in changing phones when really both does the most of the jobs the same. So now I feel more at ease knowing how these things work so thank you both such a great video that sorted out any doubts or fears I did have.

  3. Jet Modos

    the reason why Apple was faster sending a text because it did not give an option to change or edit the text before sending it .. therefore Android was better then apples way . if you wanted to edit the text from on Apple ,you will probably have to go into your phone to change it before sending it . so android wins !!

  4. Ricky Logan Jr.

    You two honestly and Mason's facial expressions ?. I went to college in North Carolina, and I'm all about Kroger's, muh favorite grocery store hands down. You both have such infectious personalities and ohhh so funny.

  5. Cool Squad

    You should do a updated version because apple and samsung gotent better and apple has goten way better like google maps and waze works with your voice now and like spoitfy and amazon music works with voice now too

  6. 10Bryson52

    Thx guy's, good demo. This was the first android auto and apple car play demo that I have viewed. This could be a feature that might just be a decision maker on a future car purchase (android auto) ?

  7. Malcolm H

    It would be great to see an updated version. I've used Android Auto for a while and it's very good at different functions. However, I think iPhone has done fairly significant updates but, also, seems your phones aren't necessarily as up-to-date either? One feature with Android Auto is, you can ask Google assistant "what does my day look like?" and it will give your schedule and then weather, then will start some news highlights.

  8. Chris Laidlaw

    Hands down CarPlay (iOS12 or higher). Android auto is terrible for messaging (do you want to send with SMS, with Hangouts or WhatsApp … every freekin’ time!!) and even worse for with WhatsApp (does not support group message sending on Google). Freezes during certain apps. Google’s own Podcast app isn’t compatible with Android Auto but Apple’s Podcast works perfectly. Apple Maps is more accurate than Google Maps (in downtown Toronto) as Google has asked me to make several illegal turns. Apple Maps has all your calendar appointment addresses loaded and shows based on time to destination and appointment time. Apple allows you to NOT take toll roads but you have to tell Google Maps each time and it often forgets during the route (if spending the money will save you as little as two minutes).

  9. txmoney

    Excellent work! Much appreciated the comparison.
    The one major drawback for me that I use every day with Apple CarPlay is Apple Maps. It sucks!
    Is there any way to get Google Maps to run instead of Apple Maps?

  10. Maël Valais

    What’s the songs name at 10:43? I heard that it was the Ice floe or Ice flow radio but can’t find it
    Update: nvm, I ran google assistant and it found it: Vexento – Return Of The Raver

  11. Stacy Kohout

    The only reason I like apple car play better is because my phone hooked up to my car really easily. Now that I have an android phone, pixel 2 xl, I am having issues getting the phone hooked up to my car with Android Auto. And it is a 2018 Hyundai Elantra, so I know it isn't my car. I had to purchase a couple of extra cords to hopefully get it to work properly. We will see on Friday. Otherwise I am going to return the phone and get the galaxy s9+. Disappointed in Android. But hopefully the wireless Android Auto is available soon.

  12. riley busse

    They're both good if you're going to do a review do a review of Android auto with a Bixby assistant versus Siri if you doing Google versus Siri of course Google well when they've had improved voice recognition for 2 years Siri has had it for 7 years they take out the your mama jokes because they're offencive because your mama jokes are horrible I hate them I respect women

  13. riley busse

    I just noticed when this was posted and by now the assistant are better now even Siri is way better than she was when this video was recorded but you guys probably don't update your software on your devices so that's probably why Android with 8.0 will still have good voice recognition that's why you have to always update iOS so then it can get better and better which I don't like about Android it doesn't get any smarter when you updated it stays the same in terms of smartness the assistant AI which kind of sucks they may add new languages but that's not really worth really much

  14. Psy4tech

    It could be a good video if it were not to show Android Auto superior than Car Play. As a driver, the simplicity of the interface is the first point. And as you said, Car Play is way better. As always Android is good only on smartphone, it's a smartphone interface on everydevice like this Android Auto (which remind me Android 5 on tablet). As Waze, Google Maps and GPS like Sygic will arrived on september on CarPlay, for my use it will way better than Android Auto. But I don't think for now that we will choose our smartphone based on the car experience, as both seems to be great.

  15. E83 Adventures

    Personally, I'd say Android Auto b/c I have an android phone(Galaxy S8) ;). I have used both Apple Carplay using my mom's iPhone 8+ and Android Auto using my phone in a 2017 Cruze(rental).

  16. Roy

    Hey you have people from all over the world watching your videos, so make my country Guyana ?? count. You should go visit you'll be amazed by what my country has to offer, hence some of the circuit in your tech device has gold from Guyana.

  17. M Morales

    Apple looks good and that's about it. For everything else Android Auto is far far far superior, more functional. Plus Google Assistant is on another league of performance!

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