Unable to install Update – An Error Occurred installing iOS 12 on iPhone/iPad

Most of the people are stuck after download iOS 12, they can’t install new iOS 12 on iPhone, iPad and showing Error with Unable to install Update an Error occurred installing iOS 12 on iPhone/iPad or iPod Touch.

On your iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone 6,6 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone XR, iPhone XS Max and iPad all models.

Unable to install iOS 12.1 on iPhone, iPad.
Getting Error Popup: An Error Occurred installing iOS 12.1 or later update

Important Sources:

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iOS 12 Won’t install:
iOS 12 Stuck on Preparing Update:
[ideal Solution and Alternate Method] install iOS 12 Using iTunes:
Force Restart iPhone:

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43 Replies to “Unable to install Update – An Error Occurred installing iOS 12 on iPhone/iPad”

  1. Savan Kumar

    Still I get the same error msg even though I download da file through iTunes it is showing the same error n after following the procedures of da video also m getting da same error ders no change

  2. GodsChosen 88

    I deleted everything that was taking up space on my phone including apps, old messages, gifs that were received and voice memos that you don’t normally would think would take up space. After that, I forced shut it off and it still didn’t install. I finally tried turning off the WiFi and immediately, it started to install.

  3. Dave Nadir

    Oh, right: that’s a “warm” network reset.
    That’s the easiest thing to try first, but you might still need to reset the network settings which would restart your phone a second time. Of course it will restart again-again when the new OS starts up too.

  4. Dave Nadir

    The first thing to try is resetting your network.
    (Settings/General/Reset/Reset Network Settings)
    Then just go back to Software Update and try again.
    (Settings/General/Software Update/Install Now)

    It’s both the easiest & fastest as well as the most likely solution.

  5. Mathew Banda

    Actually if you just restart your phone and use wifi or a portable wifi from another phone without deleting the already downloaded software update it will install,this is usually brought about because somehow it messes up your network settings

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