Unbelievably Useful iPhone Tips #2

Want to know how to use your iPhone better? You’re welcome.
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Studio gear:

People ask about these a lot, so here:
– Swinging Sticks Sculpture:
– Levitating Moon:
– Digital Art Screens:

Here’s an interview I did recently:

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40 Replies to “Unbelievably Useful iPhone Tips #2”

  1. Gerald Willis

    Why do you talk so fast ?
    Why when you have a app info or app do you go through it so fast,so you have to pause and rewind to try to grasp what you just said and how to complete the action on the app.
    Het dude I’m not slow, but common man give us a break and breath and slow down.
    Great info and videos..

  2. Philip Winsnes

    Hey! I recently found one this morning in safari for IOS. While I was looking for a new backpack, I wanted to move one of my tabs further back. I didn’t know if I was able to to that in Safari because I’ve never seen anyone do it before. Surprisingly as I was trying various methods, I both managed to preview tabs (good to know if you for instance, like me, have a lot of tabs open and you‘re finding it hard to find the one you saved last night) and, of course, how to move your tabs further back or forward among the others. To preview a tab. Go to your tabs and simply hold the saved image of the web site. To move tabs. Simply just drag the around. I love your iPhone and iPad series by the way.

  3. ಠ_ಠ

    I had an original iPhone, iPhone 3G, switched to Android for a while, got an iPhone 6 Plus, and then went back to android for a tick, and then got an iPhone X and somewhere between the 6 Plus and X I figured out on my own through trial and error (probably regarding jailbreak stuff) that you just have to press the power button instead of holding it. Works with Macs as well.

  4. Tabby Owens

    You should totally review/tutorial some of the apps on Settapp. I have the subscription, but there’s not a lot vids reviewing them! Do you notice the MACos is slowing down since downloading the program?

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