Unbelievably Useful Unknown iOS 12 Tips

Here are some “under the radar” iOS 12 tips you haven’t heard!
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Some cool accessories:
– Dual Lightning Adapter/Splitter –
– 360 Panoramic Lens –
– goStrap ($8) –

How to install iOS 12 Public Beta:

Studio gear:

People ask about these a lot, so here:
– Swinging Sticks Sculpture:
– Levitating Moon:
– Digital Art Screens:

Here’s an interview I did recently:

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44 Replies to “Unbelievably Useful Unknown iOS 12 Tips”

  1. oh yeah yeah

    I updated my iPhone yesterday to ios12, it changed the colour of my sms texts from green to a darker shade and it does NOT look good like it usually does so if you don’t want this I’d recommend not updating

  2. Big Fred

    I wish Apple would have added more wallpapers with iOS 12 Beta. It’s all good though. iOS beta has been running smooth since I installed it. Beta 2 seems good too so far. Good video though….

  3. John Gildein

    What the heck are you looking at that’s really distracting your attention? It’s usually off to your left but it’s becoming more on your right more frequently. It’s weird to watch your attention being taken away.

  4. Vishak Nair

    One major change is whenever you receive a code in message, it shows on top of keyboard so that we can paste it in browser or any app easily. This feature really flew under the radar. No one talked about this.

  5. Ashwin Shaji

    Few more suggestions:
    1) when you receive an OTP it is suggested on the keyboard as a suggestion.
    2) Password manager support.
    3) Press an hold the space bar and move to scroll through the paragraph instead of 3D Touch.
    4) Google maps CarPlay support

  6. J Brown

    I wish I still had my razor phone that was a great phone not sure how good it would work in 2018 but when they made that phone they knew what they was doing

  7. jonnyboy4music11

    The best thing about the video is the Razr in the background lol grouped notification is great but I noticed I should turn off post notifications from some folk in Instagram lol? screentime is very useful. Trying to cut down on my phone usage but gotta watch these YouTube videos. Can't wait for episode two of the Apple setups ??

  8. Z Odin

    Awesome video!!!! I DIDN'T KNOW ANY OF THIS STUFF! PLEASE MAKE A PART TWO!!!!!!!! Probably one of my top 5 favorite youtube videos!!!!! THANKS!!!

  9. Andrew Buck

    Great video. But QR scanning has been built into iOS since iOS 11. All you do is open the camera and point it at a QR code. This QR code shortcut it’s kind of pointless. It just makes it easier for people to know that you can do it.

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