Unboxing & 24 Hour Impressions Mini Review With The @Oppo Find X (Audio, Video,Color OS5.1)

The most Unique phone of 2018 could be the Oppo Find X in my opinion. the phone just looks amazing in the hand, with a stunning display and cameras, it’s hard to believe how they did this. I am unboxing the phone for you and sharing my 24 hour review of the phone after using it for a day. hope you enjoy the video.

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18 Replies to “Unboxing & 24 Hour Impressions Mini Review With The @Oppo Find X (Audio, Video,Color OS5.1)”

  1. Mohammad Nikbakht

    it's brilliant phone and the color os skin absolutely destroyed the experience and there is a bad copy from ios and i Don't get it looks ugly af 🙂 they should use oxygen os from they own company one plus ?

  2. Stephen Tennant

    Yes this phone is totally underappreciated…..consider IT HAS NO NOTCH!! Amoled screen , 845 processor…etc. I am not saying this just because i bought the 128 gb variant. Here in Australia the 256 gb variant is further differentiated by also having super VOOC charging whereas the 128 gb does not. My phone has none of the structural issues of yours and its totally solid, which leads me to think maybe yours has had an accident in its prior life?? Innovative, beautiful and fast…..has some weaknesses but its a designer phone, not an all-rounder…..Great review …keep up the good work!!

  3. Daniel Moore

    I like this phone they are huge in China and I think Huawei has one also. My only problem is there is more to break and getting a case and screen protector. Android is making some real nice products just not aloud or stores in USA

  4. Jonathan Suhy

    I love your channel, i live near canyon high school so if you need help with anything in any way for the channel holler at me in my inbox id be glad, id also love to see gow the mate 20 pro is in person:) gotta replace the Note 8 soon

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