Unboxing and Hands On Review of the Samsung Galaxy S9

Get the New Galaxy S9 –

The new Samsung Galaxy S9 was just released and we got one to unbox and review for you.
In this video I unbox the Samsung Galaxy S9 and talk a little about the specs.

All models – SM-G960
G960A AT&T
G960T T-Mobile
G960T1 Metro PCS
G960P Sprint
G960V Verizon

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Things I use in this video

– Camera:
– Microphone:
– Lighting Kit:
– Video Editor:

41 Replies to “Unboxing and Hands On Review of the Samsung Galaxy S9”

  1. Tyre Kelly

    Wow. This phone is. Very nice I really like it I was in a debate between should I get this phone in the iPhone 8+ I chose the iPhone 8 plus I’ve actually had to Samsung galaxy before it was the S6 edge but I actually really really really like this Samsung S9 plus the ones that I done using my iPhone 8 plus I’m definitely going to this phone I love this phone Just as much as I love the iPhone 8 Plus

  2. ZayLostOrio _

    First thing i meed to say…you look gay.. Second thing this video was amazing it showed me everything i needed and wanted to know about the samsung 9 and why i should get it

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