Unboxing BlackBerry Evolve 4GB/64GB

Blackberry with android

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  1. Dhudhasti Bisai

    Hi Bro so many people say that blackberry evolve camera picture quality is a very poor and bad all people say.
    What u say in black berry evolve camera picture quality .
    I will buy now black berry evolve plz give a best suggestion bro

  2. avi G

    U know u could have sat on a chair. U know good review.
    इस तरह के सेट अप में बस मैं उम्मीद कर रहा था कि ओल्ड मॉंक का क्वार्टर और कोक की बॉल न दिखे कंही फर्श पर नमकीन के साथ।

  3. TrueTechTalk

    Dear Friends,

    This is the first unboxing of my blackberry Evolve. Since, This video was not made as other professional unboxing due to lack of availability of high class equipment. Thanks for referring this video for your purchase or view. We soon will come with the performance analysis of already available cellphones in the market. I again thank you all for giving a good unexpected support to me.

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