Unboxing My 2018 iPad Pro 11" With Accessories 🍎✏️

Here’s my ‘unboxing my 2018 iPad Pro 11″ with accessories’ video!! I’ll also be sharing with you a step-by-step guide on how you can apply a matte screen protector onto your iPad by yourself! So feel free to refer to it if you find it helpful! Please also read the disclaimer section at the bottom as it contains secrets to how I always buy my favourite items on Shopee at very affordable prices!! 💕

Below is a list of my Shopee affiliate links of all the iPad accessories that I bought from Shopee at a very affordable rate!! (all prices listed here are in SGD)! If you enjoy this video AND are actually considering to get these items, do use my affiliate links to get them as I’ll be able to receive some commission from your purchase to support this channel and using these links to purchase the items will not cost you anything extra! ✨

– Laptop sleeve (I used it as an iPad sleeve because why not?) $6.25

– Silicone Apple pencil 2nd Gen $2.29

– Logitech K380 bluetooth Keyboard $24.20
(currently sold out but don’t worry, the Logitech team will restock soon! Feel free to browse other online stores on Shopee but remember to look out for reviews as that will indicate whether the store is trustworthy or not!)

– iPad Pro cover/case $8.68

– iPad matte screen protector $11.14

❗️ D I S C L A I M E R ❗️

Even if you’re buying these items using the links above, the prices you bought them for may not be exactly the same as mine because I used vouchers and Shopee Coins during my purchase! It’s easy to obtain vouchers and Shopee Coins! You’ll be given Shopee Coins on every item purchased from Shopee and the amount depends on the prices of the items you paid for. As you accumulate Shopee Coins over time, you’ll be able to exchange the coins for vouchers or redeem them for discounts on your next purchase! As easy as that! If you want even cheaper items, wait for Flash Deals! I bought my Logitech Keyboard during a Flash Deal sale!

[ If y’all are curious, I got my iPad Pro at $965 after signing a data plan contract with M1 and my Apple pencil at $189, aka the retail price, bc I can’t find a cheaper one 😭]

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  1. Naifx989

    Your so smart cause the ipad pro 2020 is the same just with two camers i dont know if you bought it after or before of the release of the ipad 2020 but good thing you got the 2018

  2. Somya Jain

    omg new subbie,so aesthetic
    just subbed
    would mean so much if you could sub me too,i am trying so hard to make my channel aesthetic nd cute
    could i have a shoutout

  3. IcY 200

    look at your wall its really dirty i think you should move the table to a cleaner spot since the wALL kinda removes a bit of asmr

  4. Yuyu

    The iPad case is really nice and all but I would definitely recommend and case where the pencil holder is on the top of the iPad and doesn't have any plastic covering the charging area since then it'll be much more efficient for charging and it will also have no wasted space and it can also make sure that your pencil is always charged if the pencil holder is there and you put it back as soon as you finish using it.

  5. nicole

    this is the most relaxing unboxing video I've watched!! ~thinking of getting the new iPad air 4 with similar accessories so this video really helped!

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