Unboxing the HTC Exodus 1

Close up at 2:44

Unboxing the HTC Exodus 1
Real HTC Exodus 1 unboxing
Blockchain Phone

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  1. Lol Oh

    This phone is not for stone age people if you cannot keep up with touch sensitive button and other tech HTC is giving go live with your samsung stone

  2. Rohan Peiris

    The crypto hardware wallet is reducing in size and taking the path closer to us, as integrated into our personal smart phones now crypto enabled. Biometric ID implants will solve the crypto identity use cases. Im fact the UN is already pursuing digital identity for all, rich, great, free, poor, small and bond. Wherewith personal id, ownership, status and authority are recorded in the immutable ledger and these aspects shall be made equal through a global AI Governance system, controlled by the beast, and the new future religion on the back of it, Religion over AI (RoAI).
    Info: id2020.org UN site.
    Global KPIs AI will be set to achieve are the UN Sustainable Development Goals. People not willing to be integrated into the network, the AI will terminate, as being an enemy, outlaw, terrorist etc.
    This is the mark of the beast (not crypto, not this phone… gosh no…. but the future epitome of all this tech and its culmination shall be in one man, identified by 666 or 600 60 6. Greek looks like Xec.
    Converging is the fulfillment of himself presenting as God in the future but imminent 3rd Jewish temple and after the historic, multi nation, Middle East agreement. 3.5 years from then to the mark, and 3.5yrs more of hell on Earth. Do Not Take the Mark. Let them even take you, but do not take the mark!

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