Unlock Samsung Galaxy Fold F900U AT&T

I think this is a super Samsung phone: Samsung Galaxy Fold. Thank you, Franco!

You can see in my video: Samsung Galaxy Fold with F900U model. Its an AT&T locked-model and it will ask Unlock code once you put non-AT&T sim.

Our service can unlock Samsung Galaxy Fold that is locked AT&T network, i think it’s one of first Fold phones to be unlocked in the world.

What is procedure?
1. Check imei of phone. It’s very important.
2. Insert a sim for checking. We should sure sim card slot is working fine and Samsung Fold must ask Unlock code.
3. Galaxy Fold F900U with 10% battery at least. You will use a best USB cable for creating a connection between phone-computer.
4. I recommend a Windows computer (laptop or desktop) and a stable internet.
5. On computer, you can install Teamviewer software or USB Redirector software. You can contact me for more information.
6. This is a paid service and Samsung Fold F900U will be unlocked arround 15 minutes.
Contact me:
Whatsapp, Telegram: +84 909911920
iMessage, Wechat, Viber: +84 909911920
Messenger: www.facebook.com/shomesconan (Tam Nguyen)
Skype: shomesconan@live.com
Mail: phoneoftime@gmail.com

39 Replies to “Unlock Samsung Galaxy Fold F900U AT&T”

  1. Fiendish

    It's ugly as shit, folds into a brick, unfolds into a creased screen and all for just the price of an internal organ. TAKE MY MONEY!!!!

  2. Petr Lazar

    I mean, what's even a point of having foldable screen, when you just close the phone/tablet to use… another screen? That does not make much sense to me.

  3. Talal A.

    From the beginning i knew that these phones will be flop on the long run due to the crease or screen breaking apart but imbeciles were like "foldable is the future". No it's not.

  4. KristophTy Gaming

    To address the creasing issue, Samsung is apparently considering a free display-replacement program for Galaxy Fold owners.

    WTF I Don't want a display replacement even if it is free… I just dont want the damn thing to have the issue at all… Recall the release date and continue working on the product Samsung.. Your better than this!

  5. Xeniya1704

    Well I don't actually believe it's a market model, the sale will start on 26/27.04 USA and on 01.05 in Europe, I guess it's just a pre market model or a test one. Don't believe Samsung can be so stupid & naive so we won't recognise that problem. imho

  6. Esinko Developer

    Some of the images show signs of photoshop? Am I the only one but does it look like the screen seems to shift a bit on the top? The effect cannot be seen in the bottom either?
    Am I the only one?

  7. uncaringbear

    That crease is a show stopper. I know it's a gen 1 device, but the crease is going to be a huge turn off for a lot of people. They are risking killing foldable phones with this first iteration, and it's not just Samsung. Every video I've seen of the other folding phones have the same crease problems.

  8. Nova Flare

    Bleh samsung can keep it. In the preview thumb nail first thing i noticed was the highly visible line top to bottom in the middle. It looks cheap honestly it almost looks like a store display mock up phone. Sad thing is i am typicaly a big fan of samsung but they rushed this tech out

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