In my last video, you guys saw the subpar replacement Cat S61 I received after having my phone out for repair for two weeks straight. Needless to say I wasn’t happy. I made direct contact with the communications director at Cat Phones and she was incredibly understanding and apologetic. She vowed to get the problem rectified. Two days later this box arrived. Let’s see what’s inside and also have a much needed conversation about the state of Cat Phones and their customer service.

23 Replies to “UPDATE: CAT S61 Third Replacement [DID CAT PHONES MAKE IT RIGHT?!]”

  1. Andre Monteiro

    My CAT s61 started charging slowly and only reaches 50% … in 10 hours! Six months use. CAT support (Bulit) informed me the following:

    "Dear Andre,

    Thank you very much for your email.

    Unfortunately, at this moment we do not have any official presnece or a repair centre in Brasil.

    As we did not authorise the seller to sell our products, you will need to contact them directly and ask them to help you repairing the device.

    We apologise for the inconvenience.

    Many thanks,

    It's crazy! I bought in Brazil but the equipment is from CAT. Miss Apple, which recognizes any equipment manufactured by it, regardless of place of purchase!

  2. Daniel Eriksson

    My phone start having the same problems after a mounth.but works better whit my old charger 2,1Ah whitout speedcharg 4.

    Test to only charge the phone whit my older charger and see if the problem still there.

    Do you now when the android 9 update for the s61 is out ???

    Thanks for the good videos ??????

  3. SpectatingBystander

    My s61 rapid charge stopped working. Now it's says 9hrs charge slow charging. And the battery indicator needs recalibrating turning it off/on like it's my HTC 8 which only started that after 4yrs. Jumping from 37% – 25% rapidly draining to 14% within an hour of normal internet use. CatS61 isn't even a year old and I've got battery issues wtf!

  4. Cat Phones

    Hi Charles, we’re glad you received the new Cat S61. All our customers are very important to us, and our customer support team is always there to help all Cat phone users who need our assistance (support@catphones.com). We appreciate your feedback. Regards from the team at Cat phones.

  5. Feliks Soe

    Hey. I got my cell phone in for repair.

    (Cat S61). The loading issue was resolved by updating. This was written in the explanatory paper I got. Phone the same. Works well. Before going to repair. This phone killed four chargers. I'm amazed. I hope it works long and trouble-free. Best for all of you.

  6. Zul Izwan

    third? welp i'll cancell my order for the phone. If they replaced 3 phones, thats shows there was something wrong with the technical/qc department.

  7. Brent Morgan

    Also for around 600 attached offers a more rugged and faster phone I forget brand tho but it had like 4 expansion ports I'd recommend that over cat s61 but I guess cat and or bullitt cares none about customer satisfaction

  8. Ichipan x

    The question is….will you keep the new replacement phone….and give it a try?
    Or will you get rid of it…and sell it (as long as it is brand new???) ?

    My S61 still working great.

  9. Jared Kennedy

    These videos have me torn. I can see daily where I can use the features of this phone, and as a mechanic I have a general need for a rugged phone. I had Casios and then Kyoceras with Verizon, but I'm so sick of them and the price games I want something else. The S61 hits so many points for me that it's hard to ignore, but the QC issues have me worried. Perhaps I need to consider a backup phone as well, in case of failures with the S61? I've had the Kyocera fail as well, and I'm not thrilled with the newest one.

  10. oom henry

    because of you i canceled my contract s61 and went for the mate 20 pro and not disappointed at all….im from south africa and in construction industry ,cat lost alot of business because of ctuan13

  11. Gerry926

    They replaced both of mine with new ones and they still crashed. I'm glad they did something for you. I did mention a good customer service experience, both times. Maybe because I bought directly from CAT but they were fast and accurate.

  12. Captain Nunchuk

    Lets not kid ourselves, the only reason they attempted to make it right is because you put them on blast…my concern is everyone that doesn't put out videos and reviews.

  13. B G

    Do you know if they are launching a new device this year? I want to buy the CAT S61, but if they are launching a new device, I might want to buy the new device instead.

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