This is my first 90 days update of the new Samsung galaxy watch. I did not had the best experience during my initial 30 days, so I tried to change my perspective and forced myself to use more of the features in the Galaxy Watch. I talk about what I like and what I feel has some opportunities from the watch .

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29 Replies to “UPDATE – New GALAXY WATCH / 90 Days LATER”

  1. Jesus Jones

    all you need to do for the fitness tracking steps is borrow a few other ones from friends (fitbits and apple watch etc) wear them all and do 2 laps on a 1/4mile track so that 1/2 mile total and compare them (dont let your friends keep their watches on and walk with you bc their stride and step distance will be different than yours), then you can make an adjustment on your goal steps to correct for any under or over step counting on the galaxy watch (dont have mine just yet but did this with other fitness watches ive had) so for example if the watch is over counting by 10% then you add 10% to your step goal and so forth if its under counting by 10% then you subtract 10% from the step goal. 15 min and a few friends with different watches and this problem is solved

  2. satyajeet rao

    I was confused between Samsung Galaxy watch 46mm and 42mm size. Then i chose 46mm one. Does the heart beat rates are more accurate then phone ? What are limitation of using apps like bixby on this watch ? Happy to hear from you.

  3. John Pikines

    Thank for you quick respond .
    How canI get my steps history after I reset?
    And when I try to download a watch face is said (Unable to continue Power saving is enabled. Disable Power savings and try again. I don’t know how to disable.

  4. Masood Saleem

    Gear s3 frontier has a edge in terms of MST payments,
    Galaxy watch has edge on metal design and few more hours of battery life, other than that both are same.

  5. NikMan

    How about the Heart sensor measuring every 10 minutes? For me, its not working, only manual mode. But I am really satisfied and it lasts also for a week long, when I am using it as a jewlery.

  6. jon deme

    Best Review on Galaxy Watch and I have seen so many other reviews on it. This is the only review that is convincing me to purchase it.

  7. Lau San

    350$ for this ?? I bought amazfit bip for 60$ new & is PERFECT, it have 80% what i need. A waste of money with this brand & the apple whi cost like a starship .

  8. kirk leary

    Great video. Thank you. I have had the watch a week or so. Only used it to test features out for now. 1 main one was the heart rate tracker…. And it is pin point accurate if the watch is fairly tight to your wrist. I tested it resting… doing squats and walking up and down stairs 6 times. All pretty accurate. Also hairs on the wrist can effect it's calculation. My friends said she he goes running… he'll rotate the watch so the face is on his inner wrist. Hope this helps.

  9. Mike trike

    Sorry but i have had consistently accurate counts via the fitness tracker oncre i activated highly accurate tracking in options i have checked it several times and has been pretty much spot on. However reps such as situps for example for me has not worked at all.

  10. g00dness

    :)) battery life on my 46mm is holding 2 days … just for only notification and some check like weather etc via Bluetooth , so i don t know how u get 3 -4 day , or 7-8 ? tell me the settings i wanna know 🙂

  11. kos lan

    great watch but to bad that there are so big issue's with the Spotify app starting to play music after every call you make or after using bixby

  12. Eevnos

    Good coverage man, I have only used the older Samsung watches but may have to check this out at some point.
    I'm not too worried about the fitness tracker, if a person is hard core fitness then they're going to buy a tracker that's specific for that.
    For the rest of us, as long as the tracking is consistent from day to day, even if it's not 100% accurate, it would still be useful to gauge your progress.. that's the important part in my opinion.

  13. ofer3877

    Great watch, just be aware that the heart rate monitor is completely useless when you exercise and the step counter is not accurate at all.

  14. Merson

    Really good work, enjoyed your review. I will buy the LTE version once they introduce Google Assistant, which I'm sure they will eventually.

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