Use Android Device Manager to remotely lock and wipe your Android

Andrew shows off the setup and process of using Android Device Manager to remotely lock and wipe your Android device. Read our full coverage here:

23 Replies to “Use Android Device Manager to remotely lock and wipe your Android”

  1. Val Venegas

    Where does the shit you erase go? Someone stole my phone. I got a new phone. And had to reset my password for the gmail on my stolen phone. I tracked it. Someone was on it after I got off of work. I went to a house where it showed the approximate location. And the people said they didn't have my phone. And they said idk what tell you. I was like well my phone was last turned on around your whole house. No one else's house. So it was here. And they were like anyone could of thrown my phone somewhere. And I'm thinking bs. I put a lock on it. But I don't want to erase my shit because Idk where everything goes. I've had that phone since high school. I graduated in 2018. And it sucks because I had so much shit on there.

  2. kiyonexus

    Why does some devices offer only "Enable Lock & Erase" whereas some devices offer "Lock" and "Erase" individually? Thank god I didn't click on "Enable Lock & Erase" because I thought pressing that may setup and give me the option for "Lock" and "Erase" option separately. So what's the deal? Can anyone explain?

  3. Pukhraj Choudhary

    If phone lost then someone find it and factory reset by pressing three key (volume +power+home ) then all data and administrative service setting will be deleted and we r not able to find mobile so u r requested that tell a video that device never wipe or factory reset and we can find it again because after factory hard reset device don't trace thanks

  4. fender71983

    I have the find my device app on my phone and earlier today I accidentally hit lock and erase on my phone while it was in my hand. will it still go through with the process?

  5. ZeRoM

    I lost my device yesterday . Then I give the command to the phone for Erase before that the device was switched off.
    If he Switch on the mobile will it get Wiped ?

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