Using the first Google Pixel in 2020 – Review

The first Google Pixel came out in 2016 and boasted a brilliant camera, software straight from Google, and most importantly that beautiful blue color. It still runs Android 10- how does the Pixel & Pixel XL hold up in 2020?

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0:00 – Introduction
0:46 – Opening Thoughts
1:22 – Design
5:31 – Camera
7:21 – Tech Specs
8:03 – Buying the Pixel in 2020
9:12 – 2016 Smartphones
10:02 – Conclusion

A-GON – Simplicity (intro/outro music)

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32 Replies to “Using the first Google Pixel in 2020 – Review”

  1. 91Tech

    Has anyone here used the Google Pixel or is still using it? What are your thoughts on the Pixel?
    Also, consider this the official petition to bring back Really Blue, please Google

  2. Antonio

    I would still have my blue pixel that I loved but unfortunately I had so many issues I kept getting replacements from Google. Finally after warranty expired the last one they replaced just died all of a sudden. Apparently the motherboard randomly died. Random but the new iPhone 12 reminds me of my OG PIXEL. 😭

  3. Avery Mitchell

    Honestly, they probably didn't put the physical home button on the front because they were afraid they'd be sued by Apple. The original Pixel already looks SO much like the iPhone 6, I can't blame them for diverting on that front.

  4. why even

    I was on a very tight budget ($140 or so) and wanted to replace my slow and cheap Galaxy J3 V. On a $120 LG G7 ThinQ right now, and couldn't be happier. Battery lasts through the whole day with a little to spare (6 PM right now and at 50%) and it's also got a great camera and a very impressive DAC. Apparently, LG was focused on audio. And my, is it impressive.

    You can't beat it for the $120 I paid. This blows my old Samsung and the iPhone 6S + I was considering out of the water.

  5. Phone Without Question

    Sadly Google only ever shown this Pixel an iota of respect and distancing from the Nexus brand that ended on a pretty embarrassing note. Even though it had its issues, the Pixel 2 and onward just kept being one compromise after another and apparently one or more of the newer Pixel phones lack the dedicated processor for the camera, which was a huge selling point for the photography capabilities of the Pixel series. Seems like the quality control situation will never ever improve.

  6. Gas Bandit

    I abused the hell out of my Pixel 1's battery, and then tried to replace it myself and ended up destroying the screen. So, including the cost of a new battery and screen, I was out $150 >_< then I just went ahead and got a 4a. I keep the pixel 1 as a spare in case the 4a gets damaged. Really, the main appeal of the Pixel line is vanilla android – no stupid awful branded Samsung/Verizon/Whatever bastardized android experience. And right up until I mangled it (and after finishing repairs), the Pixel 1 still worked great IMO.

  7. Rajshree V

    I am so disappointed with my new pixel 4 phone not even month old and stop getting and sending text or phone call. All other stuff is working…no one answering phone I am sooo mad last 11 day I don’t have phone

  8. Kenneth Ge

    FYI, you don't really need a new version of Android because Google distributes security updates through the Google Play Store. A lot of people are still on Lollipop (Android 5), and the vast majority of all apps run perfectly fine.

  9. mr TUVOK

    I gotta a pixelXl back on 16 best phone o ever had failed in 18 screen broke I could replace it and still use it but I don't think I need it. Now I'm using a pixel 4

  10. Diamondback Digger

    i one of those supper tight budget people using life line phone services I just bought a new open box og pixel xl have not got it yet but hoping can still get some use out of it till i can afford something newer

  11. Jeff Sousa

    It does better pictures than video because Google try to push forward its "AI enhancements" instead of better sensors still today, many people like even to install the camera app from Pixel phones to take advantage of that and I do keep it installed if its needed, but I dont like it as much as many people do. I think its useful when you are trying to take quick photos and not tinker around with the camera so much, but I dont like how overly crushed and saturated every photo is, especially if you want to edit it later (I think trying to take more neutral pictures is better if you want to edit it because the details are kept, trying to post a picture with a Instagram filter taken from the Pixel camera app its like editing an already edited photo) and mentioning Instagram: the issue is that this AI enhancements are not available to third party apps and even video (it would take a lot of resources and time), so using the camera in this instances you can truly see how shitty the sensor is. (Instagram doesnt help because in many cases with Android, third party apps dont have access to all camera features like on iOS, but the difference of picture quality between the camera app and Instagram between Pixel and other phones is quite big)

  12. Lg Marquez

    I bought a Pixel XL from Facebook Market. The back glass was cracked but it was only $35 plus 2 cases. The only reason I bought it was because I didn’t have an AUX cord for my iPhone 11 Pro Max.😂 I only had a headphone jack Aux. The phone works great I put my Spotify premium and my Apple Music on and it works flawlessly. Plus the money I would have spent on an iPhone Aux would be $20-$30.🤷🏽‍♂️😂

  13. Thomas Riddell

    1 year ago I brought a Pixel one And Very happy with it Yes google don't support the it anymore but XDA you get roms that are supported Lineage OS Works great on it and has patches updated

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