Using the Sony Xperia 1 ii As A Cinema Camera?! Is It Overhyped?!

Sony Xperia 1ii –

A couple weeks ago I reviewed the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. Now its Sony’s turn to sit in the hot seat!
Check out how the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Did:

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00:00 – Intro
00:48 – Mini Review
01:46 – Basic Camera App
02:23 – Pro Camera App
03:46 – Pro Cinema App
05:52 – Focus Pulling
06:58 – Sample Footage Deep Dive
14:45 – My Overall Thoughts

38 Replies to “Using the Sony Xperia 1 ii As A Cinema Camera?! Is It Overhyped?!”

  1. mahmudul kabir

    `Can u te me pls when does flickering 3d Tof fligh sensr cause any problem during video recording if i use ND flter in front of camera? bcause of the sony took off that from SONY Xperia 5 mark ii ….thanks for nice video content.

  2. Dali Garwinder Lama

    I find it comical these no bodies reviewing equipment as though they are industry experts ? Yet their actually professional credentials are no where to be found ? so what does that make them besides typical Youtube autistic attention whores with tech fetish ? 🤭🤔 seems they should just stick to doing how to videos or explanation ones .Pathetic

  3. Jeff Torres

    Using xperia 1ii for almost 3weeks. This phone is soo every bit of it, the design, the 4k display, the camera – photo pro n cinema pro, the fingerprint, the dedicated shutter button and the sim tray that will not require you to use sim pin ejector!

  4. أحمد عبدالله

    I'm a fan of Sony, but unfortunately it falls short of the competition and all it offers is the camera, the camera, the camera, the camera; User wants to see the new design and movements on the phone, not just the camera, Ahmed Ibrahim Abdullah from Sudan

  5. Edo H D

    I was rooting for this phone so much until test reviews came in. I cant wait for the Xperia 1 mark 3 (or Pro, if it will have any improvements) cos this form factor with the shutter button is just so amazing, and all that was said about brining their Alpha tech in to a phone, was just an over promise in the end… Even some of the looks graded in phone are just so amazing but they are narrowed to specific type of story telling.. 10 bit HDR is what Sony should do next… They could lead the game by far with all the tech they mastered, but this was possibly their test…

  6. Edo H D

    Michael it would be great if you could push the winner your favourite phone through some kind of an amazing cinematic sequence. I love the amount of test video you put in these videos, but cinematic filmic and breaking it down how you got that sequence that is what would inspire more to go out filming. Even a simply narrative but pushing phones to its ulitmate best possible settings and set up to showcase just how much we can get and how it looks in end result.

  7. Baz Films

    Hi, great review, is it possible for you to do a review for Sony Xperia 5 ii ? In terms of filming movie which one is better? Note 20 or Xperia 5 ii?

  8. AAHQ/Bronze Factory Productions

    I've had all the phone makes over the years & now, this year, I went back to Sony & bought the 1 Mk II. I haven't regretted it. I adore it. Apple is over rated & closed platform & they are just hype. Samsung is nice, but I just don't like them, especially all the bloatware blah blah blah.
    If you are a serious film maker & photographer, you can't go wrong with this phone. I love it.

  9. Adrian Vasian

    So wow, almost all footage was only shown on the computer screen ? big miss there… also I would've loved to see footage with no picture profiles just standard and of course not on your screen only (picture in picture …)

  10. Cerebrate Leviathan

    I was starting to consider this one as my next phone, but even though they tried to make the apps look amazing it's incredible how featureless and complicated to use they end up being. Maybe I'll stick one more time with the kicking V series of LG.

    Just a question: is there REALLY no digital sutter button in the pro app???? I use the Intervalometer app every day because it emulates screen taps on the shutter, but seems that with such phone it will be useless.

  11. Simply-Abstract

    This is the end result of film directors using the previous model, Xperia 1, to create a short film.

    Take a look. What you took was good.

    But this film I'm linking is what happens when you take a lens kit and any other bare accessories to funnel the use of the phone itself.

    If you do not trust the link, just type in 'TASTE XPERIA' and you'll be taken to the official Xperia channel. It's 9 or so minutes long.

    But it's still the best film I have ever seen made on a smartphone. So fellow viewers, y'all can take a look too.

    EDIT: I was watching 'the making of' video on TASTE, and in some shots it looks like they were not using external lenses. So it looks like some parts of the film used external lenses added on, and others not.

    Either way, it still looks phenomenal.

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