The Vivo V11 has a great design and an awesome display for under $400, just as good as the Xiaomi Pocophone and Oppo F9 but is it enough to cover for the Vivo V11’s many shortcomings? Let’s find out!

Video credits: GadgetMatch, Mrwhosetheboss

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??What gear did I use? Here they are!
•Cheap studio light kit
• Wide-angle coated lens
• Tech backpack
• Gorilla pod
• Crisp condenser mic
• 4k action camera (dont use it all the time but its still great)

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13 Replies to “VIVO V11 – DON'T BUY THIS PHONE!”

  1. Allan Carlo Villanueva

    Vivo V11 here in PH has 2 slots for Sim Card + 1 slot for micro SD card so it means its expandable . I dont know if he was mistaken or the version of the V11 on other countries have different spec. He has a point anyways on the processor and the price. Though I didn’t regret buying this cause the camera is way better than its competitors but what makes it lose from others it does not have EIS which is a turn off for those who are enthusiast with video recording. I hope there would be some improvements with softwares because if not it should be way cheaper than its competitors especially on the FunTouch OS update where the batteries drain faster than the last update.

  2. randz moja

    I think u just copy others video and voice over it… Tsk tsk so sad.. If you don't want the phone just don't buy it and stay on your bais review in pocophone

  3. Im_Sean

    Honestly I've never even heard of the phone be for but base off Most of the reviews for this phone I think I'm gonna stick with my Samsung besides seems like in 2018 everyone just has an IPhone ??‍♂️

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