VIVO V11 Pro Review: AFTER 3 MONTHS!

Find about the Vivo V11 Pro camera, fingerprint scanner, display, battery, gaming test, and more features & specs in this Vivo V11 Pro full review.

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Let me clear your doubt first. Vivo V11 Pro, the smartphone we reviewed is known by the Vivo V11 internationally and it comes with the under display fingerprint sensor. Talking about the Vivo V11 Pro specs, the smartphone does come with some amazing specs. And we have tried explain all the Vivo V11 Pro features and specs thoroughly in this Vivo V11 Pro review video along with its performance in the real life usage.

The phone comes with 6.41-inch display, which boasts Full-HD+ resolution. The Vivo V11 Pro display uses Super AMOLED panel because of which the contents on the screen looks vibrant and full of colors. And beneath this display lies a fingerprint sensor, which comes to action when the device is to be unlocked. However, the Vivo V11 fingerprint scanner is not so fast in unlocking the device as compared to the traditional fingerprint scanners. Since the device has a fingerprint sensor under the display and the users have to put their fingerprint to the display to register their finger, most of the people queer about the reliability of the sensor in the case of cracks and scratches in the display. To answer the question, we did perform the Vivo Vivo V11 fingerprint test with scratched and cracked display. During the test, the sensor worked absolutely fine. But if the display on the handset cracks in a way to cause any harm to the sensor, it may not work the same way.

On the performance front, the smartphone comes with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 chipset. In terms of memory, the handset boasts 6GB of RAM and 128GB of onboard storage. The memory can also be expanded further up to 256GB using the SD card. With this configuration, the Vivo V11 Pro performs really well on the gaming front. During the review period, we did perform the Vivo V11 gaming test by installing, running, and playing graphics intensive games. And the Vivo V11 gaming review ended in a good note since the phone did not suffer any irritable lags and stutters. Multitasking and switching between apps were also pretty fluid. But talking about vivo v11 pro benchmark, the phone trails way behind its competitors like the Huawei Nova 3 and the OnePlus 6. And if the Vivo V11 Pro antutu is compared side by side, the difference is just shameful.

On the optics side, the device enjoys a dual camera setup at the back. With the camera pair with 12MP and 5MP sensors in its arsenal, the phone captures amazing images. We did performed Vivo V11 camera review and we were greatly delighted with the results obtained. The images captured from the phone during the course of Vivo V11 Pro camera review possess plenty of details. That’s not all, the captured images also have proper color accuracy, decent dynamic and an even color tone. Even on the Vivo V11 vs Oppo F9 camera comparison, the Vivo phone surpassed the selfie expert Oppo in many scenarios. Talking about the Vivo V11 Pro front camera, users can capture selfies at 25MP resolution from the phone. The front camera on the phone is also a capable performer in a similar fashion.

Now let’s talk about the battery. The Vivo V11 Pro battery comes with the capacity of 3400mAh battery, which is enough to back you for a day on a normal use. The phone also comes with a Quick charging facility to inject the power into the device’s battery rapidly. Vivo V11 Pro Quick Charge feature is termed as dual engine fast charge by the company’s standard. Although the name may sound really fancy, when we performed the Vivo V11 Pro charging test, it was not any faster than the OnePlus’s Dash charge and the Oppo’s VOOC fast charging. But the charging speed is not sluggish either.

☑️Vivo V11 Pro price in Nepal: Rs. 49,490 (6/128GB)

32 Replies to “VIVO V11 Pro Review: AFTER 3 MONTHS!”

  1. Ralph Rey Supremo

    The face unlock is so much faster and is able to unlock the phone even when half of the face is covered because it uses infrared dot projection to register and recognize the face (or just a portion of it e.g. having half covred) even in pitch black. The use of a 3D IR face unlock is no doubt more secure than regular face unlock as it can't be fooled by a picture or video. The face unlock algorithm in the V11 Pro probably allows unlocking even with just a part of the face recognized but still shouldn't cast a doubt on its security. Just my opinion. ?

  2. aman kumar

    Just purchased few days before and feel sorry after using this crap
    Sorry but this is totally bullshit Product from vivo
    Camera is worst
    Dear all don't go with Vivo v11 pro
    Totally wastage of money

  3. Sushanta Gautam

    Same feature without water drop notch and indisplay fingerprint scanner
    Got massive battery instead might be pocophone f1 be the better choice
    Loved watching full review but loved verdict ??Maja aayo

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