Vivo V9 Full Review with It's Pros & Cons – iPhone X Inspired

Vivo V9 Selfie Centric android smartphone review with it’s Pros & Cons including camera samples, front facing camera battery life and more.

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My Vivo V9 Unboxing & Overview video

37 Replies to “Vivo V9 Full Review with It's Pros & Cons – iPhone X Inspired”

  1. jheng nazal

    Wrong review. Theres a sounds seting. N its not log. Is smooth. And the best selfie. I know couse thats my phone. Your a bias not authentic reviewer

  2. Danny dan

    Thanx for the info. At the end of the video you said there are many other phones better than v9 for the same budget. Can I know what are they ?? Please.

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