Vivo V9 Review: An iPhone X Clone with AI Selfies

Full review & ratings: | The Vivo V9 is an iPhone X clone with a 24 MP front-facing camera that claims to provide the perfect selfie. Does it live up to expectations? Find out in our full review!

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21 Replies to “Vivo V9 Review: An iPhone X Clone with AI Selfies”

  1. richy oliver

    Amazing phone!!!>>> Simply put…. Amazing !!! When the phone first came out I thought it was just a gadget and not worth the money. However after a week of using it, I can honestly say I was wrong. Love the full screen display, facial recognition and other new features. Great phone !!!

  2. jheng nazal

    Is not a flagship. Your wrong. It. A midrange phone. N is ok to build plastic.couse it make phone ligth n handy. N you can used case to protect it. I think i love the v9 .the fun touch os n emersive fulldcreem

  3. Rimmon3SF

    What is the best vivo phone in your opinion? I'm an iPhone user ever since but the many features of the android phone makes me want to try it. So far I don't like all the android phones "except" for vivo. Don't judge me! 🙂 Would be great to see what you think!

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