Vivo V9 Review

Vivo V9 Review by YugaTech —

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38 Replies to “Vivo V9 Review”

  1. Cath Giray

    Ang pinaka vovong phone. Wanna find out if i'm telling the truth? Mga vovo fans este vivo fans, bili lang go! Para sa maker ng vivo phones. Putang ina nyo nag waldas lang ako ng kaperahan ko s vovo nyong phone!

  2. Dany T

    Vivo is a great phone. My Vivo V3Max is still working and it's with me for 4 years now. It is so sad that there is no Vivo here in South Korea so I have no choice but to buy Samsung S8+. ?

  3. D J

    Help pls. Between V9 and oppo F7, which one is better?? Im confused. Atleast the one that has less problems to handle when using it. ??

  4. Rimmon3SF

    What is the best vivo phone in your opinion? I'm an iPhone user ever since but the many features of the android phone makes me want to try it. So far I don't like all the android phones "except" for vivo. Don't judge me! 🙂 Would be great to see what you think!

  5. ƴaε នaƙu૨a

    R.I.P Vivo. Micro-USB, plastic body, screw underneath the phone, Snapdragon 626 rather than Snapdragon 636, lack of EIS and OIS. Not worth your cash unless you're into selfie on not the rest.

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