Vivo V9 Selfie Camera Smartphone Unboxing & Overview

Vivo V9 Android Smartphone Unboxing & Overview the Vivo V9 has a 6.3″ Screen in the 19:9 aspect ratio it has a 24MP front facing camera and a 16MP + 5MP rear dual camera setup and it powered by Snapdragon 626 SOC and comes with 4GB RAM and 64GB internal storage.

Vivo V9 was launched in India for Rs 22,900

44 Replies to “Vivo V9 Selfie Camera Smartphone Unboxing & Overview”

  1. Sumana Nandi

    Thank You @geekyranjit for a wonderful review of Vivo V9 but I want please you post a video while gaming like (ASPHALT 9,PUBG MOBILE,PES 2019,DREAM LEAGUE 19,ETC) please with this device

  2. blue-ish Potato

    I know this is a copy of iphone and some of you guys says like "have some originality" and like that but haven't some people told you to never judge other people?, Atleast show that you love it because they can only receive love sometimes Idc if it is a copy of iphone and all like that but atleast its not that really bad, like others say "a bad breathe is better than no breathe at all", it is also like similar to this phone,"vivo is better than no phone at all". But if you really dont like vivo then hate as much you hate until you get crazy with all the hates, i cant stop you because I dont have the right for that ?

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