Watch Samsung's Z FOLD 2 FULL REVEAL

K-pop legends BTS help Samsung reveal its sequel to the Galaxy Fold.

34 Replies to “Watch Samsung's Z FOLD 2 FULL REVEAL”

  1. Pooky H

    I can honestly say that I love this phone. I am still worried about durability issues but so far I'm treating it like my other phones, minus the water exposers. Either way this phone is a 4x major go!

  2. C L

    Notice all their camera shots only capture the center of the screen when it is showing black screen. They avoid capturing the center of the screen when the crease can be seen. LOL

  3. E L •

    That's amazing …I got a VCR that was made in the 70s one of the first ones…Some one payed over 1000 bucks for it in the late 70s ….A VCR that weighed like 30 pounds…. It was given to me….in the late 90s ..So YEa this thing is must have at 2000 grand in 2020….Its not Perfect till the S-pen…But still I WANT THIS THING…Love watching movies and shows off my note 10 plus,but you know what…The damn screen is too small…..

  4. TIlak Sevak

    Company ceo: We have a 100$ phone now! How to increase the revenue!?
    Adviser: hmmm we can send two phones at once!
    Adviser: Watch me!
    People: The screen breaks from the central and the plastic comes pff!
    Company: Get them back!
    After a year os so, comes back again!

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