Watch why Apple is fighting the FBI over iPhone security

Here’s everything you need to know about the fight between Apple and the FBI in two minutes.


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19 Replies to “Watch why Apple is fighting the FBI over iPhone security”

  1. Ace Khan

    its not about their brand image, its all about our privacy. If you have gut, stop crime before it happens, Stop Hide and Seek in our privacy in the name of National Security

  2. nathaniel francisco

    Do you think that fbi can keep that software from anyone to get it. Seriously apple has right to refuse because it risk all iphone user around the globe. Because of backdoor program that they never been created. And that apple worries about. All user around the globe will be spy.

  3. Mi A

    Actuall the goverment could easlly hack the phone is that they don't want people knowing they could do that apple also dosen't want it customers knowing the fbi could easly access the information

  4. Person

    If Apple is SO insecure about it being missused, then they can do the thing itself, and then give the unlocked phone for the FBI

  5. Wayne Clark

    such a lie on both ends fbi could hack a phone easily all this is to increase Apple sales because Apple had a bad stock market so now their trying to make people think there phone is unhackable. if y'all believe we can send a man to the moon but can't hack a phone ur extremely ignorant

  6. Tony Armenta

    indeed if apple goes through with this they will lose a lot of customer because its basically giving up your information and fbi police or w.e. will continue to 'hack' your phone

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