What Android Does Better than iOS!

Apple iPhone vs Android has been a debate for a while, here is a look at what Google’s Android 10 does better than Apple’s iOS 13!
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What iOS Does Better than Android:

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38 Replies to “What Android Does Better than iOS!”

  1. Vintage Toca

    I have ios but if i had chance i would choose android. Ios doesn't let me do what i want to do or choose. Also I hate when i see paid apps in App store, some paid apps are free in Andorid. P.S i had android for 4 years, i was dowloanding any app or game i wanted from Google or Play store, but when i try to dowloand apps from Safari, it just dowloands them in Files and i can't open them. It's so easy to work with Andorid!📣😘

  2. Spider Barnett

    Android customise,IOS robot pay a premium for a phone you can't customise,you can't even select a third party default browser,WTF,Opera is the best browser by far.

  3. Matthew Allman

    Objectively speaking, more isn’t better. Better is better. I will gladly sacrifice a bit of customization if it means I don’t have to give up privacy.

    iOS > Android

  4. Ned Martin

    I am looking for a solution of how to receive clear video text messages from friends and family using iPhone who are several miles away.
    I can receive them but the video quality is horrible on my android device.
    Really love my Pixel phone but tired of missing videos from people sending from iPhone as well as not being to send my own videos larger than 20mb.

  5. Derika Chendra

    Ios and android: LETS SEE WHO IS BETTERRRR!!!!!

    Oppo: Lets chill and see android and ios fighting right over there, vivo gimme the HOT TEA.

    Vivo: Gives tea*

    Vivo and oppo: Sips tea*

  6. Jordan Sklar

    android features iphone dont got
    1. no notch
    2. live fm radio
    3. customizable launcher lockscreen status bar nav bar
    4. always on display
    5. notification led also AOD notify to re add the funtion to phones
    6. heart rate monitor depending on manufactur
    7.widgets that are acturally usefull
    8. mobile hotspot has a open option so it doesnt require password
    9. firefox addons work on android
    10. battery percentage
    11. clock has secounds if u enable it in settings
    12. multiple apps opened on 1 screen
    13. cell signal androids have better modems then iPhones so signal is much better along with faster speeds
    14. everything is google so easily backed up and restored
    15. themes, i guess customization so idk if it counts but android has this biult in on lg and samsung withought 3rd party software lol
    16. apn settings
    17. notifications can all have seperate sounds compared to iphone all having to share 1 sound
    18. lockscreen pattern password since android 1.0 cupcake i think
    19. EXTERNAL STORAGE A BIG ONE since android first came out
    20. way way more apps
    21. clear all recent apps button
    22. google assistence compare to Sorri lol i made fun of siri by saying sorri cus it falls when u ask simplist questions
    23. quick charge 4.0
    24. USB C
    25. fingerprint scanner
    26. emulators and i dont count cydia
    27. root access for custom roms and custom kernels
    28. 20.5:9 aspect ratio better for reading
    29. better screen Resolutions such as 3088×1440 compared to iPhone 12 2532×1170
    30. bigger better battery life
    31. some androids such as lg stylo and galaxy note have stylous
    32. ZEDGE custom ringtonmes and notification tones
    ok i would go on but this is getting tiresome

  7. Jordan Sklar

    lol the iphone has the Simcard in it meaning its the daily driver lol u can tell cus it has cell bars the android doesnt show the cell bars only wifi bars both are on wifi obviously though lol

  8. Zeeonic Records

    Andriod is better because its basically the same phone but it cost cheaper. The only difference is calling and texting. I get phones for apps and games not for texting

  9. WolflexZ

    I like how android has more freedom. But for me Apple devices has much stronger specs for gaming and 120hz with barley any frame drop

  10. Dinothethird

    I love both. I'm not a fan boy of either. I love androids customization and freedom. Multitasking is awesome as well. Apple is smooth, reliable. Apple doesn't innovate but 9 times out of 10 when they finally come out with a feature (that's been out on android for some time) they perfect it.

  11. Anime Lover forever

    Samsung which is Android has foldable phones in which 2 people can use it at the same time and the foldable phones cost the same prize as iphones but the foldable phones are better

  12. Emily

    One thing I love with the Android system is that when I'm dialing I can type in the number by the name of the contact and it'll find it.

  13. Finn McKee

    It gets me so mad when people don't know anything about tech and they go out to get a new phone and they immidealty want an iPhone. Like they don't know specs and that is what really annoys me. A OnePlus 8 pro or Samsung Note 20 Ultra 5G might be better than just an "iPhone"

    No one ever gives OnePlus a try.

  14. DanielLazerOfficial

    iPhone change that problem. In iOS 14. I have a iPhone 7. I don’t like it that much. When I get a new iPhone home I’m getting a android phone. I think iPhone is overrated. Plus Siri is dumber than a kindergartner. She knows nothing.

  15. Sam Chu

    Best thing about Android is Google assistant. Siri is dumb will get you lost. My sister in law has a stupid iPhone. We were going to Tanger Mall in South haven Mississippi. It told us the wrong direction. If I didn't have my Android phone with me. We would never had made it.

  16. nissa mokoginta

    The only downsize of android and my only concern of android is we had first 2 years of android upgrade, now on the new generation phones its 3 years of android upgrade. 2- 3 years is not enough.
    My S9+ is still doing great after 2 years , its not lagging or slow. And my battery had improves due to new samsung IU.
    i dont get the new android software updates anymore but atleast for new security patches. Now iam bit force to buy a new phone due to software updates.
    I still thinks the newest samsung flagship for a €1200,- phone can handle easily for 4 or 5 years of android grade. That why is a bit dissapointing. Atleast samsung give 5 years of security system now. And the only thing i am jealous of Iphone users, They get longer software updates. Iphone users today has around 5 years of upgrade. I have friends who still use the iphone 7 and gets the newest IOS update system.

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